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Encounter with CSW

HI All, I have traveled to Costa Rica and had sex with multiple CSW's it was a fun trip, all encounters were with Condom, but one of the encounter was I had to switch 4 condoms, Some times struck in CSW's vagina, not sure it it was broken, whenever I felt that something wrong with condom, I removed and used a new one.I was drunk and not sure if the condom broke.(CSW seem to be healthy but in not sure the status) Its been 2 weeks now and I started getting some symptoms(Cough, cold, sore throat, Fatigue, diarrhea and body pains). Do I have to get tested.
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You are right it is covid, I tested today and turned out positive for covid. I will keep my worries aside from now on.
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If a condom breaks it rips down the seam so you would both know it. Obviously that didn't happen so it is time to move on from hiv ideas.

It would  not be surprising that you got a cold, flu or Covid when you don't take precautions which are possible explanations for your symptoms - or you might be imagining them out of fear of hiv. See doc if you have a concerning medical issue but it has nothing to do with hiv.
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