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I have read that epididymo-orchitis has been linked with HIV quite strongly, which has me worried. I developed epididymo-orchitis around 3-4 weeks ago, and it is slowly going down. However, I am wondering when epididymo-orchitis is caused by HIV, at what time does it usually happen? Seroconversion?

Any help will be much appreciated, thanks.
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See your doctor if you have developed epididymo-orchitis,but it has nothing to do with your situation because you never had a risk of hiv infection because you would have known if the condom broke or not,it would have been obvious.Classic ARS symptoms are very high fever,very sore throat and rash on trunk-torso and limbs and you don,t have these symptoms,and the reason you don,t is that you never had a risk.All the best.

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