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Evaluate my HIV risk

Hi I have a very good friend who was recently diagnosed with HIV, to support him his partner had invited all of us to barbeque party at his house. I am but worried because
1. This HIV pos friend has a bad habit of bitting is nails and cuticles which I have seen bleed few times. He prepared some of the cold food like sandwiches and salad by his bare hands. Whatif some of his blood went on the food that we eat immediately? Also while eating salad I bite my tongue very badly that bleed, does this increase my risk as well?
2. While picking up fork from table my finger got poked by it, got small scratch/punture that bleed a little. If the fork had picked him as he was standing right next to it and then poked me am I at risk?

I feel terrible to even right this but want to be safe and understand risk so can be supportive of him going forward. This is all new to all of us. I am male in early 20's in US.
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The ONLY non-sexual risk a person can have is sharing hollow needles that you use to inject with. A fork and bleeding hands are not hollow needles, therefore move on. hiv is a fragile virus dead in air.
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So I don't need any testing and the fact I bite my tongue when eating is no risk as well
Has anyone been infected eating food contaminated with hiv blood
Already answered. Reread about ONLY.
hiv is also instantly dead in saliva.
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