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Every ARS symptoms but tested negative at 90 days


I had multiple sexual encounters with many sex workers both oral and vaginal. The last one is on Oct 14,2017.I used condom for every occasion but not sure it is latex. Exactly 2 weeks after the last encounter I have experienced every symptoms mentioned in wikipedia. Low grade fever, heavy chills, sore throat, ulcer in mouth,oral thrush, dry mouth, joint aches, fatigue, hot flashes, sweaty hands and feet, malaise lasted more than 2 months etc,. I didn’t have rash and swallen lymph nodes. But i lost 6 kgs in 2 months I thought almost I am hiv positive because I never had such serious illness. I developed serious Anxiety and underwent treatment for 2 days but stopped the treatment as it made my anxiety even worse. This thought never went out of my mind. I was always googling symptoms or reading answers of people. Still I do some.

After the last encounter I did the following tests:

14 days- duo negative
17 days - duo negative
21 days - duo negative
28 days - duo negative
30 days - duo negative
39 days - duo negative
56 days - duo negative
65 days - elisa antibody negative
77 days - elisa antibody negative
90 days - 4th gen combo negative

Please let me know I can have peace of mind. Still I am experiencing general illness, body pain and extreme fatigue. I am still not feeling normal.

What chances of having false negative at this stage?

What are the possibilities that I am not sero converting yet?

Does anyone in the history tested positive after 90 days negative?

Dr. Sean, Teak you are doing wonderful job here answering all questions of folks like me. Please all answer so that I can convince myself.
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You didn't have ARS symptoms, because you had no risk for HIV.  Oral is not a risk.  Protected vaginal (or anal) is not a risk, and your multitude of negative tests prove that you are HIV-negative.

Whatever is causing your symptoms is not related to HIV.  Again, you had NO RISK, and even if you had had a risk, you have tested conclusively negative.  Stop testing for HIV and get to the bottom of whatever is causing your non-HIV related symptoms.
Thanks curfewx. I still feel guilty of what I did and it changed my life both physically and mentally. I was just eliminating the possibilities from the day I have experienced all these symptoms.wikipedia matched the symptoms I’ve experienced. I should feel relived if someone reassure that I am negative
your tests are conclusively Negative, you do not have HIV
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