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Exposed to HIV

If I have been exposed to blood and seamen of a HIV + person, is taking the 1 month cocktail be effective
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can you give more details please.
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I had a non protected sex with HIV + partner where blood and seamen were present. Went to emergency and was prescribe the cocktail for one month, how effective is this treatment
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Sometimes, anti-retroviral drugs are perscribed after a confirmed HIV+ encounter.  This is not to say you now have the virus, the odds are still in your favour that you have not.  

As for their effectiveness, i believe they target the HIV receptors and incapacitate their ability to multiply the way they usual would in a normal host without meds.  Exactly how effective they are, I do not know as this is slightly outside my remit but i believe they do reduce the chances of infection by a significant percentage.

How long has it been since this encounter?

Also please make sure that you take a P24 antigen test alongside your HIV tests as this will give you an earlier indication as to whether or not you have acquired the virus.  To my knowledge, the p24 test can be accurate as early as 18 days post infection.

Hope this helps,

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A P24 would NOT be of any value at this stage of the game due to the nPEP.
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