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Exposed to hiv or not


I need your help to find out whether I have been exposed to Hiv or not and do I need to go for PEP. Please find below details about my incident:-

Yesterday I visited strip club and I went inside with girl for lap dance. She offered me to touch her vagina so I put my right hand fingers inside her vagina and I felt that she was wet. After that I put same hand in her boobs. I also kissed her nipples along with boobs. She kissed me on my lips too but only 1 time. I do not have any cuts on my right fingers as well as no cranker sour in my mouth.

Can you please let me know whether I am exposed to hiv or not and do I need to go for PEP?

When can I go for hiv test to make sure I am OK? I am very tensed and not getting slip after this incident.

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Good news! You had no risk for HIV from this activity. HIV is spread in very specific ways. The only ways people get HIV is to have unprotected vaginal or anal sex or share IV drug needles to inject drugs. Air and saliva inactivate the virus. So fingering is never a risk, nor is kissing, nipple or boob kissing, sucking or fondling. No risk at all. Air and saliva are present in all of these activities. UNLESS you have unprotected intercourse (vaginal or anal) or share needles to inject drugs, you don't have to worry about HIV. So, no risk. No reason to test and definitely do not need pep
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Thanks for your reply, but if she put her vaginal fluid on her boobs or when I put hand inside her vaginia and suck same liquid then will that be an issue ? Just want to make sure whether I am OK as I am so stressed with this activity. Please reply!
If you did not insert your condomless penis into her vagina or share intravenous needles with her, you had zero risk for HIV.  You can't get HIV from touching anything, and you can't get HIV from putting anything in your mouth.  Move on from this no-risk event.
Hi, I am getting burning sensation in penis since last 2 days. Is it sign of std or hiv?
You must be very anxious, because you haven't understood any of the advice. Reread all the advice (including the words no & zero) so you can move on.

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