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Exposure and symptoms

Hi folks, I had an event that involved unprotected oral that was given and protected vaginal. However the condom was already out of the wrapper when applied. I'm assuming for a few minutes or maybe longer. I tested negative at 6 weeks with ag/ab 4th generation and again 7 1/2 weeks negative. I am positive though for rickettsia and hsv1. My symptoms are rash that comes and goes ,jock itch , yeast on body and orange tongue. Also wounds that are slow to heal.I know people say oral sex is not a culprit. But what about the unwrapped condom. It didn't break or show any signs of tampering. Been sick now for weeks.
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hiv is instantly dead in air which is why only the head needs protection with the condom. The first step to move on from hiv worries is to stop googling for death and the second is to stop studying your body for "signals" that you have hiv - especially since you didn't have any risk.
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Keep working with your doctor to find what is making you sick, but it has nothing to do with hiv.
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