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Exposure risk: breast milk & condom slippage

Hello Doctor,

I want to know my risk to HIV from a recent sexual encounter I had with a girl. I have only known the girl for a short time, and hence concerned about my sexual health. Here are a few details:

1. During the act, my condom slipped and got stuck in her vagina. I could see the cover of the condom dangling from her vagina, and when I pulled it out, it was intact. After this, i freaked out a little and immediately rushed to I wash my penis with lots of water, soap and alcohol swabs.

2. She was lactating (very very little) and I sucked a few drops of that. The milk was slightly yellow in color and was a little sour. Does the sourness of milk is a leading indicator of some disease? She didnt have any pain in her breasts and they looked healthy.

3. She gave me prolonged blowjob, and I came in her mouth.

4. She squirted when in her climax, and I gave her oral sex. Although I did not swallow her fluids, some might have certainly stayed in my mouth. I did perform a mouthwash cycle after the act though.

5. Also, her vagina was very clean and not smelly at all. Her fluid discharges were odorless and tasteless for most part.

6. What concerned me was after our act she told me that she had pneumonia a few months ago. I know that Pneumonia is associated with AIDS - this really got me concerned.

I am perfectly healthy, and she says she is too - except for some high blood pressure, and work/financial stress. I dont believe that she is promiscuous, but, have no way of confirming that. I have also been with just one partner and was recently tested clean.

Nevertheless, after this encounter, I am concerned about exposure to HIV and other STDs. I have read several of your responses to similar questions above, but, this matter is obviously very important to me and I just wanted your professional opinion on whether I am at risk of being infected.

Please advise on what should I do. Should I think about PEP? Its been ~48hrs since the condom slippage.


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Thanks Teak. I have seen you very active on this site, and several responses to people's questions. No offence, but are you a medical practitioner also?
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None of the situations you've provided were risks of HIV transmission.
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