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Exposure risk?

I am in business for china for two weeks. I am quite fat and was walking alot, thus cutting myself between my thighs very near the groin. I went to a massage parlor two days in a row. Both times I was bleeding from the cuts and when I was taking shower I could see alot of blood on the towel after drying. I had no sex, just happy ending and touching although they both massage my butt cheecks and the area where I had cut. One the second day, the lady had very large nails and was actually hurting me. Was I exposed to HIV considering my cuts? Btw I have developed a swelling in my upper lip which is hurting much and having very much nightly sweats and headache plus fatigue. Very worried, grateful for your answers.
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no one to help with answer?
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Easy, volunteers are not online 24/7. You had no hiv risk. No unprotected penetrative sex ( bare penis inside vagina or anus) = no risk.
Thanks for answer. Can I have sex with my wife or test me? last question please.
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