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Exposure to HIV from needle poke

My father became homeless living on the streets for few years now and i decided to take him in and help him when and help him kick his habit with alcohol. Any way i am a tattoo artist and my father had tatts that was old and needed some touch up. Well after doing some work on him the needle poked me!! So knowing he was homeless i asked him are you positive for any blood diseases he swore he did not keep in mind while this was going on I was pushing blood out my finger squeezing my finger hard and rushing to the bathroom rinsing and flushing it with peroxide and using a swab and then after pushing more blood out and finishing with rubbing alcohol. Now im am super scarred with no sleep and panic attacks like no other.
Because one day my wife took my father to the hospital the nurse had asked him the series of questions about him And said your HIV positive and he was drunk of course and nodded his head yes!
My wife looked at him like what he was shaky and having withdraws from alcohol so he did not care. My wife said to the nurse hes HIV positive she said well thats what it says here. So eventually I contacted him and asked him and he denied it to the fullest. So i asked him are you dad infact HIV positive!!! and he said no! also keep in mind he was sober at this point.I thought maybe he just said that to the nurses at the hospital because he lies alot when hes drunk and clames he has everything and thin jokes about it.
So i just kinda just let it go and asked him on so many occasions if he was and he still denied it.
I have been dealing with kidney stones for the last 6 months since the poke and assumed after the doctors taking about 7 or more blood test for many reasons from my stomach problems and kidneys i just assumed i was okay
since they had not said anything.
And Now!!! i just received a letter for my fathers SSI paper work and read that is said his complaints of symptoms was bypolar he has diabetes i knew that for sure has always had that. And lastly HIV positive! And now that i have read that I am freaking out so badly.
So being how it was a tattoo needle what are my chances looking like? It was a single needle
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You had no HIV risk yourself but if you are concerned about your fathers HIV status then why not have him take a test.
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I dont understand what you are saying? how do i not have risk when i poked my self with his needle? I also just found out from my grandma his mom that he had told her 2 months ago that he had the VIRUS and was positive HIV.
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