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Extremely Frightened!

Here is my story, I want to give you guys more details so it will be long:

I and 2 other male friends ( lets call guy A and guy B)  rent 3 rooms in a house to live and study ( one room for one person) . Last Sunday morning, it was my turn to go to each room and collect the dirty clothes and towels to put into the washing machine. At that time, the towel of the guy A felt a bit dry, and hard ( like if there were semen on it and it dried) and there were some drop of dried blood on his short, but how stupid i was, i did not think much about it. I just put all into the washing machine and press the button. I did use the power detergent. The clothes and towels were washed in about 1 hour, and then I get all of them out and hang them under the sun for them to dry. When they were all dried, i took them and delivered the clothes and towels to each person. So when I got to the Guy A room, i asked about the towel and the blood stained short. He said he had masturbated and ejaculated on the towel nearly 36 hours before , so by the time i took the towel, the semen all dried. About the blood stained short, he said the night before ( saturday night) he had squeezed some pimples and it bled and some drops of blood got on the short.

Giving all the details, here are my questions:

1. Saturday, evening, my sister visited me and she showered and put her panties into the washing machine, so the next morning ( sunday morning) , her panties was in the same wash with the semen stained towel and blood stained short. My underwear the guy B ‘s underwear ( we all wear boxer) were also in the same wash.            AFTER BEING IN DRIED SEMEN (IN 36 HOURS ) AND IN DRIED BLOOD ( 12 HOURS) AND THEN IT GOT WASHED WITH COLD WATER AND DETERGENT  for 1 hour AND THEN IT GOT CONTACT WITH THE SUN ULTRA-VIOLET  for more than 2 hours ( cause I hung the clothes and towels under the sun), IS THERE ANY CHANE THAT THE VIRUS SURVIVES AND GET ON THE PANTIES AND BOXERS ? And when we wear them, the virus crawl into my sister’s vagina and my urethra and cause infection?
2. Is the air, the cold water, the detergent and the sun’s ultra-violet hostile to the HIV? Do they kill the virus completely, given my situation?
3.  If the swollen lymph nodes are HIV related, they are body-wide, not local ( i.e just the neck) , right?

4. If i have knife cut on my hand because of meat slicing, and the cut happened 24 hours ago and it’/ not bleeding anymore. Maybe it still stings a bit and i touch semen that has been out of the body for a least 9 hours and it hasnt dried completely yet. Will that lead to HIV infection?

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All of these details were not necessary.  NONE of this is a risk for HIV.  Fluids outside of the body are never a risk, as HIV transmission only happens inside the body - when a penis is inside a vagina or anus unprotected.  It doesn't matter if you had cuts or scrapes that touched the fluids, because they were outside of the body.

The only other risk  for an adult is sharing intravenous drug needles.    Don't have unprotected intercourse and don't share intravenous drug needles with someone whose HIV status you don't know, and you will NEVER have to worry about HIV.
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