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I recently had an encounter with a female prostitute. Before the encounter i asked her multiple times if she had hiv/aids, she repeatedly said no and told me she had tests to prove it. She also said she has four kids. I wore a condom during both oral and vaginal sex. The next day i freaked out, found the condom, and filled it with water. There were no leaks and no water was squirting out of tiny holes. Long story short, the condom stayed entact the entire time i was with her. This is also my first and only encounter of this sort. I am freaking out that i have hiv/ aids since prostitutes are not people i trust and she may have very well had hiv/aids. What are my chances of getting Hiv/aids in this situation? i also heard that its very rare to get hiv/aids on single sexual encounter, is that true? what other STDs am i at risk for and what tests should i get done?  
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Whatever you think of prostitutes, most/almost all are aware of the inherent risks in their profession and are out to protect themselves, and insist on consistent condom use with clients. Only a small minority (less than 1%) are infected with HIV. They are at far greater risk from their clients (i.e. you) then their clients are from them.

You didn't need to test the condom with water- when condoms fail they do so catastophically. Anyway, you seem to realize that the condom was intact, but somehow are not grasping the significance of that: HIV cannot be transmitted through an intact condom. Protected sex is just that- PROTECTED.

You had no risk for HIV and do not need testing. If you need additional information/reassurance, please search the forum for hundreds of threads about protected sex with sex workers.
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You had no risk here. Put simply, you used a condom, it didn't break (therefore no failure rate there). She also did claim to be HIV negative. Not that going by someone's word is foolproof, but she DID say she had paperwork to prove (most people wouldn't say that unless they can back it up). Getting HIV on a single encounter is a rare occurrence if the person is actually infected from female to male transmission.

If it puts your mind to rest, get tested in three months, but if this is the only situation that is concerning you, I guarantee you that the test will be negative and you will just be wasting your time.
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You had protected Sex , move on
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