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Extremely worried - planning to marry

Dear Doctor,

I moved to Houston, TX six months ago. 3 months ago I had protected intercourse (didn't check if the comdom broke) ejaculated inside with the condom on and sucked nippled with an asian girl at a massage place. one and half months ago had protected intercourse with a white girl, again ejaculated inside but didnt check if the condom broke. one month ago had another protected intercourse with a black escort, sucked her nipples, but she pulled me out just before I ejaculated. I do not have casual sex like this the way I did in the past 3 months. I am extremely worried now because I am planning to get married and am scared if I got HIV or any other STDs from these encounters. I won't be able to face my family if I did get the virus. Do I need to get tested? I do not have any symptoms yet ... just that I feel weak and sleep yduring the day, but that's probably got to do more with my sleepless nights as I sleep on an avg 4-5 hrs and I know i need 7-8 hrs. What should I do? I vowed myself not to go to any escorts ever again..please advice doctor. thanks!
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Condom protected sex is SAFE SEX provided that the condom didn't break. When condoms break, they don't have tiny holes, but they break wide open. So if your condom had broken, you would have known that without a doubt.
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You should get tested, even if it is unlikely. The test can identify the virus in your blood between 6 weeks and three months of the exposure.
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you had condom protected sex and do NOT need testing for a no risk situation.
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