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FOR everyone is worried about WINDOW period.

Everyone can check that from CDC "Update on hiv testing"on:


The window period for HIV is just 21-25 days. just and maximum 6 -8weeks as MASS said and DR.HHH and HOOK also.
HOPE that help us even I.
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I agree with you. 6 weeks is conclusive for normal heathy people. So this is why Dr. always let people test at 6 weeks, then 3 months.
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There are no approved tests to give one a conclusive negative result earlier than 3 months post exposure.
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Can you please link the cdc page that you got the link from? I searched for it in the CDC page and couldn't find it.

I don't mean to be disrepectful but, to be honest, those are some low quality slides for someone researching for the CDC. Don't you agree?
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Dear ,
Please read it cearfully the window period is 3 weeks maxiumum 6-8 weeks as i have also read in Amercain Scientific Magazine which there was study proof that .really.
And it is enough for you and for everyone from U.S.A trust with Massachusttse becasue it is the best center in the world as we know .
I am not from U.S.A but really you all must trust with that.
Thanks for all.
PS :I am still worried about HIV after negative test at 5 months  from insertive oral sex, but really we should trust with our tests.
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Hope this make us more comfortable and here this is also may help you on:
http://www.aac.org/site/PageServer " main page"
OR http://www.aac.org/site/PageServer?pagename=basics_home#window
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Send us the link with the info from the American Scientific Magazine if you would please.

On the "CDC" slides there is not even any responsible doctor for the research on the front page nor anywhere during the whole presentation! You intention is good and to be honest I have seen that graphic before on other MORE serious studies so it is a reliable graphic. But this document you share with us, please forgive my words, just lacks of professionalism.

Thnx for your intentions anyways.
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