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Facial Molluscum Scared of HIV

Dear doctor,

I am a 31 years old male.

About 4-5 weeks ago, I was with a CSW. At some point I briefly insterted tip of my penis (unprotected), this happened around 3 times separately, no thrusting, no full penetration. I am circumcised.

About 4 weeks after that (1 week ago) some small bumps started developping, first on my neck and now have spread to my face. Now around 3 bumps on my face. Also 10 bumps in total on neck  shoulder and chest. Size are no more than 2mm. They looks like molluscum contagiousum to me. One or two of them with small size have disappeard (though I think it could be acne). Also I accidentally scratched some of them and they become dark.

From what I read, facial molluscum is a sign of weakened immune system and possible HIV even AIDS

I contacted the CSW, and she said she's clean and has been tested negative hiv around the time we together.

Previously I was with some CSWs a couple time, but never inserted my penis, mostly oral sex and  sometime rubbing penis to outside of vagina (unprotected)

My question is:

1. Is it possible facial molluscum to appear in early stage of HIV? Or it is only in case of advanced stage of HIV/ AIDS?

2. Is it possible facial molluscum appear and get worse due to stress? as I am very stressful  at the moment

3. What is my chance to contract HIV from my behaviour?

4. Should I get tested in 4 weeks after exposure?  What test is recommended for 4 weeks after exposure? And would it be conclusive?

Your response will be very helpful. I am very stressed right now and always looking for answers in internet. I feel like I have no purpose in life anymore.

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Thank you CurfewX for the response, it means a lot.

Hi all,

Just want to ask some more questions. And FYI, I am from Indonesia

So I went to a licensed STD clinic to do VCT, asked for 4th Gen Test, but they don't have it (Its actually not widely available in my country).

I was then offered a PCR DNA Qualitative test, they said its very accurate so I agreed. They didn't allow me to also take antibody HIV test though.

My PCR HIV DNA Qualitative Test result (6 Weeks after exposure) is Undetected.

However, It only took 90 minutes for the result to come back which made me doubt the test.
The doctor though, said that I am conclusively not having HIV and no need to come back in 12 weeks.

But then I developed more symptoms which made me depressed and cast doubt to my last test which are:
1. Very dry skin all over body. Including my face. Even my lips are chapped.
2. Little white spot in my nail. I'm afraid it is Nail Fungus
3. Fatigue. I sleep more.
4. Molluscum(self diagnosed) seems to be no longer spreading quickly but I am having two new bumps on my back

Also later I found out from this forum that PCR DNA HIV was not meant to be used as diagnostic test. So two weeks later I went to a big lab to test for 4th gen, but they also didn't have it. So I took CMIA Antibody test instead

My CMIA Antibody test result (8 Weeks after exposure) is Non Reactive

My questions are:

1. Is it possible for PCR DNA HIV Qualitative test result to come back so quickly (90 minutes)? I read all over online that it usually take days to get the PCR HIV test result. The licensed STD clinic I-went-to is actually quite small so may be their lab's load is low?

2. Is dry skin all over body a typical HIV symptom? How about white spot on nail? Or can they emerge due anxiety?

3. How confident I am with my test results that I don't have HIV?  I've been under extreme stress lately due to these symptoms which made me can not concentrate and can not function well

4. Should I test again at 12 weeks for conclusive result?

Your response will be much appreciated..
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As the risk is stated as .04 percent chance ( like pretty close to zero) of transmission from a single encounter, your test will likely not change.  If you feel so inclined, you can get a third generation test at 90 days to confirm. But otherwise, I would move on from this worry of yours.  
Thank you GuitarRox.. yea doctor also said my risk is very low.

My last test result and your response have eased my anxiety greatly actually.. And now feel like I can function normally again, hopefully it stay this way. Still I am planning to test at 90 days
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Chances from a one-time encounter are about 0.04%.  Molluscum can appear for a variety of reasons, most of which have NOTHING to do with HIV.

You can take a 4th or 5th generation test (also known as combo or duo test) any time now for your conclusive result.
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