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Facial Wasting,Belly bloating

Hi Doctor,
About 1 year ago I perform oral sex on clitori of a female sex worker then protected vaginal sex , I had done 5 Hiv 1,2A/b test ,the last one is 10 months after exposure ,all negative, but the hiv symptoms getting worse :
1/ the hollows at 2 side of the cheeks get bigger every days,the fat around the eyes get thinner every days, my face look very skeletal now.
2/ the subcutanous fat at the arms, hands, feet disapear a lot ,all the veins pop up , and I feel numb at the hands
3/ My belly getting bigger every day ,when I sit I can feel my belly push up,I used to have a flat tummy all my life.
4/ I dont feel well all the time, feel like mild flu all the time.
Please help to answer me , I feel so distress and helpless since my GP doctor didnot know what to do.
1/ could it be a new strain of hiv virus causing my symptoms and the hiv A/b test coul not pick up?I had done PCR RNA Hiv1  It is <20  undetectable, should I do PCR  RNA Hiv2 test to make sure it is not hiv2.
2/ If it is not Hiv then what other pathogens which I could get infected from cunilingus causing the Hiv unique Lipodystrophy ?
3/ Please help me to advice me what I should now ?
Thanks in advance.
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Welcome to the HIV forum.  Unfortunately, I can't help very much.  You had accurate replies not long ago on the HIV international forum.  I agree with what you heard there from Dr. Gonzalez-Garcia.

HIV test results always outweigh all other considerations, as long as testing is done sufficiently long after the last possible exposure to the virus.  And you had 5 (five!) tests, all done more than enough time for reliable results.  It is wrong for you to describe yourself as having "HIV symptoms"; the test results prove you do not.  The problem with reading lists of symptoms of HIV/AIDS is that every single one occurs with multiple other medical conditions, most of which are more common than HIV.  Further, HIV has never been known to be transmitted by oral sex on women (cunnilingus).  To your specific questions:

1)There are no HIV strains not detected by the tests you have had.  That is an urban myth, except for a few people in the geographic area where HIV evolved (e.g. parts of Africa or Asia).  Such strains do not yet exist in North America or Europe, except in people who were infected in their home countries and then emigrated.

2) No other STD is a possible explanation for your symptoms.  They are entirely unrelated to the sexual exposure you had a year ago.

3) In one of your other threads, you described yourself as "so depressed" that at time you though you would "kill myself".  This may be the entire problem; most of the symptoms you describe are consistent with the physical manifestations of depression or other mental health problem.  I strongly urge you to directly ask your GP about this possibility; and if s/he recommends professional mental heath care, do it!  I recommend it out of compassion, not criticism.

In any case, you can definitely forget HIV.  You don't have it. Whether it is depression or something else, it isn't HIV.

Good luck--  HHH, MD
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Thanks a lot  for your quick reply, The sex worker I met is from Asia ,Malaysia,so she may got that new strain  from overthere and bring to AustraliaI, If that is the case then what test can I take to clarify that, Thanks for your help.
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That scenario is not a realistic one.  You're just going to have to accept the apparently difficult conclusion that you don't have HIV.

Collectively, Australia's sexual health centres are probably the world's best network of STD/HIV clinics.  If you haven't done so, consider visiting your nearest SHC for direct professional advice about your HIV fears.
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