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I read the post from HELPME21 where she says that she tested negative after 6 weeks and now poisitve later. I really really cant believe that its entirely accurate. Im not here to step on anybodies toes or down talk anybody. If this person really is sick and needs help i truly hope she does find it. But like others have pointed out she got her age backwards i would also like to point out that most people who post on this site worried about a risk they know everything about what happened and they usually always now the dates. According to what i have read from the posts from HELPME21 she never gives any dates meaning the exact testing dates.  If you tested negative after 6 weeks you would say i tested on 6 weeks 2 days later etc. because you are obviously worried and you are trying to go with what the doctor and others are saying about the 6 weeks. So the fact that she says that she tested after 6 weeks means that she was trying to go with the doctors advice and if she truly did test negative after that there would probably have been a post from her saying i tested negative and im happy or something. (with the exact time of testing not just after 6 weeks).  I think that it might be a scam as far as HIV goes.
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This is not specifically directed at you so don't take it the wrong way.

But why is it whenever someone claims to actually have tested positive, everyone jumps on that person as being a fraud? You know, people ACTUALLY DO get HIV and it's not as difficult to contract as some may suggest.
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I would totally agree with you as im not here to bash anybodies stories but some of that just doesnt make sense and i think it was intended to scare people. About a month ago somebody else tested positive and it was a really sad story and i sent my prayers to her but if you go back and read her post she has everything down pat. It just seems to me like that person (HELPME21) might really have some illness and i hope they find help but it seems like they were fronting. When they asked her what kind of confirm test did they take she never answered back, it seems like she realized she got caught.  If you wrote a post saying that you tested positive and it was the truth im sure that you would be writing back to people who are not beleaving your story. In her post she says that she is in Australia and i can remember the Doc on this site saying that the clinics in Australia are some of the best in the world. They would not have tested here positive and then not take a confrim test. it just wont happen.
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People have reservations against Help Me 21 because she defied the popular data, professional advice given by experts like Dr HHH and Dr Bob, as well as our friends in this forum whom are very knowledgable via their research, exposure on the subject, and professions, such as Teak, Mike-No, Peek etc.

Her case is inconsistant with the data being shared with us.

Thus far I have gathered regarding her info:

She's either 19 or 21. Was raped. Tested OUTSIDE 6 WEEKS POST RAPE with NEGATIVE RESULTS.

Tested again at 7 MONTHS, and POSITIVE.

I dont know whether she belongs in that small percentage group of late stage cancer patient, IV drug user etc, whom are stated could test negative at 6 weeks but could possibly get positive results outside the 12 weeks period.

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You can't judge her entire situation on her changing her age. Do we know definitively where she is from and what sort of testing she has access to? She's posted on the ovarian cancer message board. Her story is in tact entirely besides the age thing. I don't see it as a diminishing factor to her story. It IS possible for someone to test negative at 6 weeks and then positive after that.
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It has been sayed many many times on here before, I guess in the end you just have to believe what the doctor says and if you seeing a professional you have to just beleive them to.  If the doc here says no risk and dont need testing then you have to believe that. If he says a test at 6 weeks is conclusive then you have to believe that to.  Given HELPME21 the benifit of the doubt the story might be true but she is obviously leaving out some very important details.  Maybe she is a drug user or maybe the problems she is having with her stomach or whatever maybe thats some form of cancer that delayed the seroconversion. The point is i guess just listen to the professionals.  Doc says 6 weeks is conclusive for low risk then 6 weeks it is in my books.
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i have to agree with possiblepoz and say this is anything but a "support" forum.  nobody here cares about giving support to anyone.  everybody only wants to be reassured about their own safety.  ok, i read her threads and the age thing is wrong, but maybe she confused with her username.  maybe her story is not true, there is no way i can know, but i can say that for the chance that her story IS true, i am not going to be a jerk to her.  geez, how would you feel if you tested positive looking for support and all everyone did is come down on you?  it is not that unusual to give counseling before a confirmatory test.  patients are often told something like, "your preliminary test suggest you are positive, and we're running a confirmatory test" and they are counseled in the mean time because they are most likely freaking out and because false positives and rare.  someone suggested that she was lying cause she didn't include dates - not everyone includes dates! i never included dates for my tests in my posts! and for the record, doctor bob ALWAYS says that you need to wait 3 months to be definitive and conclusive, and even dr HH says he recommends 12 weeks when we're talking about the highest risk - ie it CAN happen that it takes that long.

what everyone here has to know is that a 6 week test is still highly reliable, and highly reassuring, so if you have a 6 week negative - be glad, but so far as the current guidelines stand, it is not 100% you have to wait out to 12 weeks for that kind of confidence.
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As I posted on HelpMe21's post, and as others have too, Helpme has many inconsistencies in her stories.  I posted this just today on her post

"As further evidence of Helpme21's inconsistencies on 4/27/07 in her post questioning whether she had HIV,

she stated "i live alone in a new city with no family or friends."

Yet, in this post here, she states she lives in "Australia,"

so, you be the judge whether she's being truthful or a sick individual trying to stir up horrible thoughts in those that do tend to panic..."

S/he seems to want to stir up the minds of the worried, to put doubt in people's minds.  There is a Doctor on here that has worked in a busy STD clinic for many, many years and knows more than all of us know, so why not take his advice instead of listening to someone that 1) can't figure out his/her age and 2) can't figure out where she lives, clearly both are pointing to someone not being truthful!
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As Dr. HHH has indicated, and even the moderators on Aidsmeds.org have indicated to their posters, they have NEVER seen someone test positive after having a negative 6 weeks if there were no exposures between the one that caused them to get tested and their 6 week test.  
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If it were impossible to test positive after 6 weeks if you tested negative at 6 weeks, than no one would recommend testing past that time. However, many doctors, websites, and government agencies tell you to test at 13 weeks. Why? Because it's possible.
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yeah ok first of all, no inconsistency with the location thing.  helpme21 apparently moved to a new city in australia - no inconsistencies there.  second, another point people are making is "if she were telling the truth, she would have responded to everyone".  umm, if i just tested positive, i would probably be sorting out my life - not wasting my time responding to some jerks on this forum who want to give me a hard time about it.
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well Dr. HHH has stated that he only recomends a 3 month test for the highest of risks like unprotected anal sex with a known infected person for the rest he pretty much ust recomends 6-8 weeks as being conclusive.  Dr. Bob even stated himself that most everybody will test positive by 6 weeks. he only always recomends 3 months because he is looking for that 100% guarantee.  He also always recomends a test after a blowjob.  That right shows that he is very conservitive.  helpme21 says she lives in Australia.  they have some of the best clinics in the world, if she would have tested posistive then they would have already taken more blood for her for her WB test.  
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I myself had a low risk or not even a risk at all according to pretty much everyone on this site including Dr. HHH.   I was playing basketball and i got somebody elses blood on my arm and jersey and the second time i was playing ball again and i got scratched on the top of my pinky and it was bleeding and somebody else in the game was cut to and i have been worried since.  This tuesday on the 15the will be my 6 week from when i was scratched and im gonna get tested and if its negative im gonna just try and let it go.
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They don't take more blood to run a western blot. They can use the pad from a rapid test to do  the western blot and they use samples from the previous vial to do a western blot. That is the reason you are not asked to come in to give another sample.
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dr HHH has explained many times that he only recommends 12 weeks for high risk because its a matter of odds.  the chance that you would get HIV from a low risk exposure AND not test positive within 6 weeks is very low.  but that in itself shows that NOT EVERYONE WILL TEST POSITIVE WITHIN 6 WEEKS AND IT CAN TAKE LONGER.  therefore, there is no reason to question that this girl is telling the truth.  again, i certainly agree with you - MOST people test positive by 6 weeks.  that is just a fact given that the average time is about 3 weeks to seroconvert.  but just because most people will doesn't mean we have to be giving someone **** about not fitting into the "most people" category.  i really don't want anyone on this forum the panic.  again, if you had a low risk, combined with a 6 week test, the odds are astronomically in your favor - they just aren't 100% i myself had a low risk and a 10 week negative test and i will admit that helpme21's post made me a little bit anxious, but just cause it makes me anxious doesn't mean: a)that the odds don't continue to remain strongly in my favor and b)that helpme21's story isn't true.
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help21 had tested 6wks neg. after a rape by 4 men. she disregarded the poss of hiv because of her neg 6 wks test. except she had many pelvic, symptoms. pain, her boyfriend had similar symptoms and began to worry more and more.
6 mos later she contemplates having another hiv test. has one at 7 mos.\comes out positive.
6wks is unlikely to change at 13 wks, but it apparently does.
that is why the 13 wks test is there to catch any that fall through the cracks.
it is sad and unfortunate that this young girl at 19 yrs old, has to go through this alone.  she comes to this site because she feels safer from any judments
and scrutiny and bam. she gets scrutinized,judged, doubted.
she already feels alone, is afraid to talk to anyone about it, especially the rape incident. this girl has been through so much emotional trauma that we shouldnt question her motives, or check for little differences in her posts.
she admits she lied about her age.
faking it, that i seriously doubt.
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Told you this would happen.

There was another huge discrepancy which I will not restate, but it's there for anyone to see if they search out her posts.

Anyway, who am I to her?  Why would she care what I think?  If it's true, she knows the truth.  

This is not the place to come for counseling, in any event.  
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if u believe there is another huge discrepancy, then say it, don't pretend like youre being sensitive by not saying cause youre being anything BUT sensitive! otherwise i am pretty sure you are just full of it,
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Do your own research, or not.  I could care less.  I'm just reminding people that this is the internet.  

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its the internet? really??? thanks! i didnt know!!! believe it or not, when a young girl has been recently diagnosed with hiv and has no one to tell or talk to posts that she is positive on a forum like this, she is looking for, and is in desperate need of, support, even from cyber strangers like yourself.  and believe it or not, it is hurtful, very hurtful, to someone like that, when you and everyone like you starts spewing hatred/anger/disbelief etc.  maybe youre not here to make yourself feel better (i doubt that cause everyone on this site is here to make themselves feel better) but if you look at all the comments to this girl, they are all because she interrupted their sense of security in a 6 week test and they are definitely trying to make themselves feel better.  heck, they even started questioning and being mean to LIZZIELOU, a mother whose son was diagnosed with HIV, because she said her son contracted it sexually, as if people dont get it that way! based on the advice given on this forum, people here want to believe, absurdly, that it is impossible (or nearly impossible) for a heterosexual man to contract hiv. that shows you how much rational judgment anyone here is exercising.  is this the internet? yes, and you can never be sure about anyone.  but people only question truths that they dont like to believe, like the TRUTH that sometimes 6 week negative tests turn positive. i guarantee you that if i posted that i turned positive 3 days after exposure, everyone would believe me, even though that would be impossible, just cause that would be something they like to believe.
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Guys, no offense to anyone here, because I am as equally scared as everyone...even with a low risk exposure and feeling the weirdness that HELPME21 and her bf have felt, but look at what I found. Now we all know that she lives in a "new city in/Australia" however...one of her firsts posts says....

"we live in different states. 3weeks ago we met up and since that day we have both been getting the same symptoms".......that was a fast move to Australia...ya think....??

The date of this is 04-27-07(relocated to Australia that fast from a "different state", also go to the search option and enter the username...that will bring up many posts from her/him. On the 27th again she also stated "i live alone in a new city". There are no "states" in Australia. She is in a new city and her and her boyfriend are in "different states" and they just met up 3 weeks ago....she also says "im also in a relationship of 2years of whom my bf knows nothing about my sexual assault. past 3 months we both feel a bit weird" that was on the April 27ths post, on the April 12ths post she states...."i am a 19yrs old female in a relationship for the past 3years".....I am a woman...and almost EVERY woman knows how long the relationship that they are in has lasted...and they DON'T forget...lol (is it 2 or 3 years...which one helpme21). She also states "its def not chlamedia because we've both had that before and been retested for only that"...how is that? If you have not been unfaithful, how do u re-test for it and she also stated he saw his dr....but did not have any std checks done for his testicle pain...but you just said you recently both tested for chlamydia. Anyways, if "she" is telling the truth, I do feel bad for her and will do some serious praying....however I would have a hard time believing it myself, and I am a true sceptic of what anyone tells me....even doctors. So you just have to take in consideration the facts....if her dr found out she was neg at 6 weeks, that 7 months past exposure she was positive w/no other sexual contact....believe you-me she would be in the Medical Journal of Science and Dr.HHH would most defintely want to get this girls info/story for research purposes. Not only that, in another post she states her boyfriend is now negative because she told him and he got tested...then she broke up with him.....but in another post she was a little concerned she may have contracted it from him...a doctor would most definetly be able to tell from a pap smear things are abnormal....and they hiv infection can cause an abnormal pap smear. Not only that why would you not tell ur boyfriend of a possible infection!!! Scared or not....that is serious! You could infect him!!! There are more holes in that story than there are swiss cheese. I am sorry, I do not buy it, but hey I am not an expert and have been wrong before. However I am just expressing my God given right to a free American opinion....so please be gentle on me....don't rouse my feathers. Lets all just be friends....besides this forum is for support....not for "Court TV/Jerry Springer" drama. Fake, or frightened.....? Who knows but only God and HELPME21....however if you arehere just to rile folks up and get them scared than you need to pull the plug on your pc and get a life....because HIV is real life and there are really scared people here who need real info and the encouragement to address their mistakes without being judged and to come foward with issues so they may be comforted and educated......and this forum and the participants should have a VERY LOW tolerance for those whom come to disrupt what the meaning of this forum is for!
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I can't belive that you think there are no STATES in AUSTRALIA??

What are you talking about?

There are six states.

Get your facts right.  No one can trust a word you say!
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