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False Negative?

Hi doctors,

Last 5th Dec, I had a mild exposure with a friend with benefits. I inserted my unprotected penis into her vagina for like 5secs before I decided not to proceed. I do not know her hiv status.

Since then, I have a itchy rash on my chest that happen on late Jan, and then in Feb I got dry mouth, eyes and skin. For like 2 days I got pins and needles and numbness on my feet and hands. Fatigue and shortness of breath also took place and some muscle aches and pain as well. I did lose alot of sleep and appetite this past few weeks due to this stress and hence also some weight as a result.

Hence, on 20th Feb, which is 11 weeks (77days) from the date of exposure, I took a Alere 4th Gen Ag/Ab Combo, test for syphllis, gonorhea, hep b and hep c and Chlamydia. All turn out negative. All was sweet for awhile and I manage to tell myself to move on.

But 2 days later today, I still feel my body isn't quite right as on I can still feel some aches here and there and the dry mouth hasn't gone yet. And the fears and stress start piling up again.

I am just afraid it could be a false negative for whatever reason and also maybe I could be a late seroconverter. And also, the fear that it could be hiv2 which is harder to detect than hiv1. And I do know the combo test isn't as helpful as detecting p24 in hiv2 strain. I am now truly stuck from moving on with my life.

Is a negative Alere 4th Gen Ag/Ab Combo at 11 weeks a conclusive or do I have to wait out another 3 months to test again?

Please advice sir, I truly have no one to turn to...
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Your test was conclusive, you do not have HIV. Your partner likely was not even infected in the first place because it's still a very rare disease. Took do not require any further testing. Late seroconversion is an urban myth and does not happen, according to HIV experts.
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Thanks chima for the answer. To add on to my question, is it possible that a person is incapable of producing antibodies against the virus hence the test kept coming up short and no antibodies detected?

And also, I have read somewhere that the presence of an autoimmune disease will affect the antibody test...is that true? Or are there any accompanying illness that will affect the results?
Do you have a diagnosed autoimmune disease?
Not exactly medically diagnosed, but I do have dry mouth and eyes since early this month and it's thought to be a symptom of a autoimmune disease....

Please chima, I need your advice.....
Chima advice was correct. Conclusive means you don't need more tests.
The symptoms that are worrying you seem minor and may be just in your imagination so talk to your doc if they persist. Firstly though, try to relax for a day and see if they disappear.
Not exactly medically diagnosed,....". Well, that diagnosis is just a guess. Self diagnosis is generally incorrect and in this case it is a good thing since you don't have a disorder. I have dry eyes too but I don't have autoimmune disorder.
Please follow Chima's advice - and relax because it seems there is nothing wrong with you unless you see doc and he finds something.
Hi chima and anxiousnomore, I truly appreciate that both of you share so much of your knowledge and being so darn patient with a pesky bugger like me.

While I am at it, can I just ask...if the symptoms are really due to ars....does it mean those symptoms are a response to the antibodies fighting the virus and not due to the virus itself? So meaning antibodies are present in the body and it will be detectable by a blood test?

And also, I have read that hiv2 builds up slower and hence does it mean not so much antibodies in the system hence harder to check for antibodies during a test?

I am sorry to have kept asking because honestly, the whole thing is driving me crazy even though I tested negative 3 times.....11weeks out (2 Alere 4th Gen Combo and 1 3rd Gen Elisa).

As I am typing now, I just noticed a small sore on the ridge of my lip..and then it gets you wondering if it's a cold sore. so this kind really drives you into the rabbit hole and question everything little changes to your body.. because of the 5secs unprotected insertion.

Hopefully I can get some replies for the 2 questions I asked above....thanks heaps china and anxiousnomore

You don't have hiv.  This can't change so I suggest you stop worrying about your body, and stop reading internet theories about hiv.
No one pays attention to symptoms here or reports and that people have located on the internet or we will be here all night.
Hi anxiousnomore, I do understand where your frustrations are coming from. But i do hope you understand my fears and position as well.

I am currently based in a country where theres no hotline or counselling with regards to such matters. Talking about this matter is taboo and people here automatically assumed you are positive the minute you asked. I have to fly out to another country to do the test instead of doing it where i am. And this forum is the only avenue I can clarify my doubts and allay my fears.

I cannot even get into sleep mode at night due to the stress and anxiety. Yes i am aware that I tested negative 11weeks out from the exposure, but somehow one will have doubts, not about the test kit but if your own body is really like everybody else which is supposed to react in the same pattern.

Please please do not be offended, chima and you has been really helpful since my first posting and i just hope that my 2 enquiries can be answered. Thank you for your time again....I have never felt so helpless before in my life...
You don't have hiv.
Your problem is anxiety which requires seeing a therapist, but instead you have googled for things that make you anxious. It is unfortunate but not surprising that you remain anxious.
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Your follow up questions indicate a problem with HIV anxiety, which is very common among the people who post questions on here. You're asking about such an exceedingly rare situation that there's no way that you would be one of those people who doesn't produce antibodies. Regardless, the 4th generation detects both antibodies AND antigens, so it's not even a relevant concern to have. Any HIV expert would tell you the same.

Also, it's been stated repeatedly by the same HIV experts that autoimmune diseases do not affect the reliability of HIV tests that are taken at the correct timeframe. Any time 28 days or more after exposure is considered conclusively negative. You do not have HIV.
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I am sure you have been guided accurately on the point that you have tested conclusively negative.

I would just like to add to this, '5 seconds' of unprotected vaginal penetration is somehow at a minimum risk, some experts might even not consider this to be a risk because of 2 important prevailing facts.

1. Your partner must have not been HIV positive, your assumption is extreme.

2. For a male to engage in a full episode of unprotected vaginal intercourse is still considered to be low risk, most experts have been of the notion that it takes multiple such unprotected exposures with a positive female partner for transmission, transmission through urethra is relatively difficult and also, a large amount of infected vaginal fluid is required for transmission.

Perhaps you are being paranoid about an irrational fear, the fact that you are not able to accept your result despite of a very very low risk only indicates that you would have to consider therapy since any internet forum can't help you with what you are seeking here. You don't have an HIV concern.
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Hi Mike, truly appreciate your input. I do not for a second deny the fear and paranoia I am experiencing. The fear is real regardless of the risk level of my exposure. While it is encouraging getting a negative result 11 weeks out from the exposure, you read stories and guidelines that challenges the norm, like waiting out 6 months to test again or late seroconversion.

So far, chima has been able to dispel some of the concerns that i have with regards to autoimmune factors affecting a true result and myths of delayed seroconversion. I just needed more info regarding if its the antibodies that is causing the ars response or the virus itself causing the symptoms.  And also if it takes a longer window period to check for hiv2 antibodies.

Please can somebody answer my queries.....???
Please reread my second reply to you again because I did answer those questions already.
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