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False Positive and false negative hiv test

hi i am a male in my late 20's and  worried about my test results roughly 7.5 months after receiving unprotected oral sex from a sex worker, i had recently shaved down in that area had some small cuts on the shaft of my penis. anyways i took an HIV blood test 7.5 months later and came out as a False Positive but the doctor said not to worry about it, that it should be negative and is hard to get HIV from receiving oral sex.  3 months later which would be 10+ months after unprotected oral  i go to another doctor because that test result still scared me and i got another blood test done and as i recall it came back as a False Negative, i could be wrong, it could have came back as False Positive again but i think it came back as False Negative. the doctor seemed confused but said it should be nothing to worry about if it is way past the "HIV window period"
i still dont understand why i didnt have a conclusive negative blood test, does that mean i am infected? extremely worried about this as i am in a long term marital relationship now.
Need help please!
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Can never have a false negative. You had no risk.
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Thanks for the reply, there was no other sexual activity going on, just me receiving unprotected oral at the time.
I am a Non  drug user so don't use needles or anything, sometimes i just take over the counter supplements for working out at the gym nothing serious.

I don't know, the doctor just said not to be worried about it  that I should be fine, but yeah the results do scare me because it never gave me a definitive answer. I find that very odd for it to do that especially at that point in time after exposure.
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Ok not to drag this on, but say if she was positive for HIV and positive for HSV and I ended up getting HSV through reception of unprotected oral, can HIV be transmitted along with HSV? If I'm explaining correctly.?
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no they infect different cells, so their infection - replication process is quite different. HSV is much more transmissible than HIV.
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Thank you for your reply I am very grateful for all the help provided on this forum. I don't have anyone else to talk to about this and am not very inclined on this type of thing, so thanks again.

Last question,  about the false positive false negative test result, is there anything to worry about, my doc says no, is there any need to retest?  Like I said the only exposure was receiving unprotected oral for  5 mins maybe a little longer.  
Thanks again!
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your exposure is just not an hiv scenario, it's never been recorded as happening. ever.
i do understand the stress of false positives though, it creates doubt, but you should have no doubts given your most innocuous of encounters. if you want a test to draw a line under this period of your life - go for a 4th generation combo to ease your stress.
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Thank you very much for helping put my mind at ease, I'll talk to my doctor I suppose and see if it would be a good idea to run 1 last test. I never been tested for syphilis though would that create a false positive HIV test if I did?
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Hello again, I made an appointment and can't get in to see my doctor for another 4 weeks. So as I was reading the forums I'm a little confused about the false negative test. I live in Canada Alberta if that changes anything, so if I receive a false positive test the does that mean they automatically do the western blot at the same time to conclude it being a false negative? Or should I have went in for a specific "western blot test"?

I know how Ancy people get on this forum about questions but I have 1 more and am wondering if with me receiving oral from a high risk individual can change my circumstances if they  gather a lot of spit in there mouth let it fall on my penis and it goes into my urethra hole  because It did and would it change if there were any blood in her saliva?
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Sorry I meant to say false positive !!
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Please if someone could reply that would be great, so for false positives just wondering if at the same time they follow up with western blot or do you have to go in for another test that is a western blot?
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You never had a risk, so all this worrying about testing and false negatives, false positives...is all in vain.

You cannot get HIV from receiving a BJ.
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