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Fasciculations and hands/feet tingling

I have a question regarding some symptoms.

4 months ago I received unprotected sex from a street worker.

5 days later I developed flu like symptoms (fever, light sensitivity).
I know that the stance of this forum and of many experts is that oral sex does not transmit HIV and that 5 days is too soon for ARS so I dismissed any concerns and moved on.

However, yesterday I started feeling tingling in my feet and hands, as well as muscle fasciculations mostly on my legs.
From what I have read, this could be an HIV symptom (immune system that is fighting the virus).
Should I be concerned about these symptoms? Is it worth getting tested (very expensive where I live)?

Thank you
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You could test since it has been 4 months ago. It would be very conclusive. I am also scared every time, even when I have protected intercourse. But in your case, just test
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If you've been reading the replies here then you should also have read that symptoms are never used to diagnose HIV. The only way to diagnose HIV is with an actual HIV test and it's been long enough now from your exposure that you could get a conclusive result with a 4th generation test. Don't bother asking any follow up questions about symptoms because they're completely irrelevant.
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Thanks guys.
It is true that symptoms are never used to diagnose HIV, that wasn't my intention.
I was just wondering if in your expert opinions tingling in hands and muscular spasm warrant spending money for a test despite the low risk exposure.
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What was your risk? You said unprotected sex. Are you saying now that you had unprotected oral sex? Because that's not low risk, it's no risk. In which case a test is definitely a waste of time.
Oh boy I made a mistake in the opening post, I meant to type "unprotected oral sex".
I mistakenly omitted oral from the sentence.
Yes that was my risk. So I get that I shouldn't bother testing?
Do you make it a habit of going around getting tested for diseases that you were never exposed to? If not then why would you go have a test done for which you had no exposure?
Thanks for the reassurance.
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EDIT: The exposure was unprotected ORAL sex, sorry.
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