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Fatigue and Acute HIV

Since day 3 of my exposure, I am having extreme fatigue. Don't know if it is mental or physical. I usually tun 5 miles every day, but now I don't even have the energy to walk for 5 minutes. This is day #12 post exposure for me. I have not had fever or rash, but have a sore penis foreskin that is wrinkled and dry and is itchy and early morning pee is having a burning  sensation. I am applying oil to keep it from itching. I gave my blood on day #10 for DNA PCR testing and the result is expected on Wednesday 09/15. Reading all the symptoms and comparing myself to it and the thoughts of the dreadful disease is taking its toll on me.

I have always been straight. Only had sex with my wife and no one else until August 31st. I had protected sex with a CSW. No idea if condom failed. Please help if i am over reacting which migh tbe causing the stress to all parts of my body?

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you are feeling guilt only ur risk had no risk becuase u had a condom woren so move on and don't cheat agian ;)
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Pleasehelp..thanks for the words

But what does the wrinkled itchy penis foreskin mean? I never had that before in my life. is it STD? May be the CSW intentionally put on a damaged codom? i saw her open it from a fresh packet..but then again...
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Had the condom failed you would have known. You never had a risk. See your doctor if you are concerned about your symptoms.
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Hello   Thanks for your advise. I will go to my PCP next week as I am back in Montreal, the site of crime  ;-(

I hope I am not the 1 in 2000 guy as I am experiencing symptoms I have never experienced before:

1). Fatigue. I run 5 miles every day and 12 miles on weekend. Now I can barely go 5 minutes

2). Lost 8 lbs in 4 days. I was 172 lbs for 13 years. and now I lost 8 lbs in 4 days fo rno reason

3). I am having shivers thru out the body.

4). My penis foreskin is infected/inflammed. I cant even pull it back. There are red dots on crown.

5).Area just behind my left jaw bone and area under right arm pit is very tender and I can feel pain if I just push against it. Never happened before

I would kiss your feet if I turn -ve. But I have a strange feeling. This is not me. I can feel it and my wife also is asking me questions..aaargghhhhh..to think of it..this is the only woman I had sex with that is not my wife and there was a condom..I praying to god (whom I neve rbelieved in).

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If you google Acute HIV Infection, the Wikipedia article is usually the 2nd or 3rd result. Acute HIV Infection illness takes 2 to 4 weeks to have symptoms. I believe the MedHelp article is also pretty similar. You can find it here:

Acute HIV Infection is not known to present this quickly. Your doctor in Montreal should be able to determine the exact cause when you visit him.

Interesting that your foreskin is inflamed, however. Maybe it is possible that you have a latex allergy.
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I got hold of the woman. I paid her 300$ just to come to the room. I asked her straight up. She said she is all clean and said even she has to take care of her well being. Looks like some of the symptoms disappeared. But I will still wait for my HIV DNA PCR results due on tuesday with crossed fingers. Hopefully everything will be alright. The woman also could be lying, but I seem some of worries eased up a bit.

And I didn't have sex with her this time. Just a lighter wallet.....
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You know, people will say they are clean just to reassure you that everything is OK, but that doesn't always mean it is the truth. The only person you can trust is yourself, which is why you always have to use a barrier to protect yourself.

You used a barrier, so you are not at risk for it. Your foreskin was probably irritated from the sex, or maybe the condom itself. If you use latex condoms again and have this same problem with your foreskin, there is a possibility you have a Latex allergy. It isn't the end of the world of course, there are non-latex condoms out there.
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HIV PCR DNA test came back negative. Told to go back on 28th day, which is 28th of Sept to get another done and a 6-week Rapid HIV test. I had all the symptoms of HIV, Presumably due to mind playing games. Hopefully other tests come back negative. I stil lhave tingling feeling just righ below the right jaw. hoepfully that will clear itself off.

Thanks to Teak/flow/pleashelp for their confident and reassuring replies to my panic attacks....
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You have an allergic reaction to latex, I do too, same thing happens.  You used a condom, you have no risk for any stds.  It is a very common symptom for a man to be depressed after having sex with a sex worker, especially with a wife.  There are many studies done on it that you can find online.  Breathe... understand your risk is literally 0% and be glad.  Stay off these sites, don't equate any symptom you have as a sign of hiv as anxiety symptoms are identical.

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I had same symptom you had. I found out I have allergy to latex condom and 3% of adults have alergy to latex condom. try Beneadryl cream.

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