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Feaking out even after test results and need guidence

Dear Tweak and Liz,

I had unprotected oral and one time unprotected vaginal sex  and 3 times protected sex with 4 CSW 6 months back(sept).After that I have below test history.
Day 34 ( 5 weeks)

Hiv Elisa 1-2 - negativ
Hep B and C - neg
Herp virus 1-2 - neg

Day 87 ( 12 weeks 3 days)

Elisa hiv 1-2 - neg
Hep B and C - neg
Vdrl - neg
Hiv 1 RNA PCR - results < 72 ul/ml

Day 180 ( 6 months)
Hiv 1-2 Elisa - Negative

Even after 6 month negative results , i am facing lot of physical discomfort as below-
- Burning tongue and lips
- Soar throat( feeling lump in back of my throat)
- burning feet of legs.
-Electric sensation in body during sleep.
- shortness of breath and nasal congestion

1. Please tell me is the 6th month elisa gen 3 test are conclusive at 6 month mark. I dont have 4 gen test done so far?
2. Do i need to re-test with DUO test for conclusive results?
3. What could be the reason of all such physical discomfort ( spl persistant soar throat from last 4 months) even after conclusive 3rd Gen test and what u suggest for remedy?
4- All four HIV test done at same lab not diffrent, does it make any diffrence?

Worried Guy
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Hello, according to CDC, any HIV test is conclusive if taken 12 weeks after an exposure. Yours is conclusive.

About your symptoms, ARS is the first stage of an HIV infection, is the body’s reaction to the infection. Some HIV positive people, but not all of them, reported that around 20 days after their exposure they had fever, sore throat, rash and flu (not cold) like symptoms, all of those came together, or within a few days of difference and lasted for a few weeks. As you see, the same symptoms are present in many other illnesses and not everyone had them, so, we can’t rely on them to diagnose HIV.

The symptoms you describe don't sound like HIV or ARS, but the most important thing is your conclusive negative test, you have no reason to worry or test again.
My main worry is hiv pcr rna test where result value is in number <72.( less than detection limit)
Even after 3month of pcr rna test my antibody tst were neg at 3 and 6 month. So how to interpretate these results.

So i safe to claimn me as hiv negative or do i need to go for DUO tst for conclusive results.
Your negative Elisa test after 6 months is enough to say that you're HIV negative and there is no need for more testing.

The basic difference between 3rd and 4th gen test is that the latest detects p24 antigen along the antibodies, but that antigen is only present in the first weeks, so, for your case, right now a 3rd gen test is as good as a 4th.

I repeat, there is no need for more testing.
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