I've come to the conclusion this site, for the most part except for Teak who actually has worked in the medical field and actually has the disease, is unhealthy.  I just read a statement from someone, in broken English, who 'claims' he went to an ID doctor and was informed from this doctor that a 3 month test is unreliable and the ID doctor recommends 6 months.  Now, for people completely freaking out here, any kind of 'information' like that will prey upon their anxieties and worries.  It's part of the vicious circle of lies and deception that floats around in the world.

My advice to anyone here looking for advice, only listen to Teak and Dr. HHH.  You can click on Teak's name and look at his background, and look at Dr. HHH's background under 'Doctor Profiles', and even look at all the research he's done at the University of Washington.
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Great post!  Especially since Dr.H. and Teak opinions are almost exact opposites... So yes, listen to Teak and Dr.HHH.  That way you leave even more confused than before you came here.
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How so?

I meant to say 'you can look at all the research Dr. HHH has done at the University of Washington website'.  That's when I knew I would take his statements over anyone's here.  I would still take Teak's over any other 'poster'.
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Was the broken English poster "helpasap?"
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Yes, there have been a lot of people have unprotected sex with someone that is infected and test negative. This usually happen when the person doesn't know that they are infected and has unprotected sex, then tests and finds out they are positive. It's never 100% that you will get infected on your first or your 100th time of having unprotected sex. But eventually it will catch up to you if you keep having unprotected sex with someone that is positive.
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I post what I have learned from Dr HHH
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Merriman56 sounds familiar, but I dont remember what his exposure was.

Its possible he was telling the truth, its harder for a man to get the virus.

I just hope that if my guy was positive I will be as lucky as Merriman.
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If you don't mind me asking, how did you get infected?

Thank you
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It could have been from occupational exposure, (I have been lacerated many of times by broken bones, poked with needles and I've been sliced by a scalpel and I've been sutured to a patient) or unprotected sex. I don't give it much thought or have I questioned "HOW."
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Are health care workers at high risk of being punctured by needles, broken bones? Does it happen often to them?
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sutured TO a patient?  you got sutured TO a patient?  I wonder what that looked like.  
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