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Feel sick after finish PEP(truvada and isensstes) nausea

Hello i was exposed do HIV with prositute we have sex witch condom but i did to here like a 2 min oral and i have bad gums and wisdom tooth after two days i feel sick i have bad stomach feel dizzy i start PEP on 68 hour after exposure
Truvada and issenstres on 3 week i have a rash on my body on torso red dots mostly on the legs and chest and back i have one night night sweet very severe on next morning i have bleeding gums i go to dentist and he told me this is paradontisis on starting level also I have a sore in my mouth with was ok after one day and i have some exema on my inside side of my hands like a dry skin.I need to told i take another meds for my health condition is Depakine Chrono witch i speak with a HIV doctor and he told me is giving many side effects when is combine with hiv meds.Any way I finish PEP before  9 days and i don`t feel very good when i stop to take PEP i was very tired i sleep maybe 18 hour on of first days after i stop taking the pills on 4 day i have sore throat in adams apple area just for a day and pain in the middle of the chest witch doctor say is inflamated muscle but is gone for a day or two.And now 8-9 days after i don`t `take PEP anymore i feel nausea from a couple of days no vomiting only feel bad.Can be side effect or can be from the virus .I am very confused and i need a advice.I have a test in the clinic two days after i finish pep and was negative (blood) witch they told me is 95% can catch the antibodies but i see online diferent is need to have 28 days from stopping pep for this result.
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What was used to ascertain that you qualified for PEP? Who is giving you all PEP?

You went a bit too far with something that wasn't a risk for HIV. You should forget about testing efficiencies with or without PEP, it doesn't apply to you.

Nothing that you mentions warrants HIV testing. Wisdom tooth removal,  bad gum,  even mouthful of blood wouldn't have been good to infect. Oral sex is not a risk.  Consumption of infectious body fluid is not an effective route to HIV contraction.

Please read about HIV and its transmission in the FAQ section of the forum.
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I read in many places oral sex is risk if you have bad gums or sore in mouth and my wisdom tooth is like a open sore.Thank you for you answer.
Quit reading too much online. I have also read at many places online that too much googling causes "Compucondria".

Wait a minute! Don't you think that's  your real problem?  HIV is not your concern. Give up and move on.
Done test after 16 weeks of contact is negative
You didn't have a risk. I don't think we should be surprised with this outcome.
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