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Feeling extreme guilt and paranoia, please help!

What happened? --> 3-4 days ago I had protected sex with a commercial sex worker (CSW).  There was a a little bit of oral, and then a little bit of penetration, and it happened to be during her menstrual cycle so there was blood on the condom when I pulled out.  She cleaned it right away and to my knowledge there was no rip or tear on the condom, and I am not aware of any open cuts in my genital area.

With who? --> Again, she was a CSW.  She was african-american, maybe had some tattoos, smoked marijuana, but I do not know if she is an IV-drug user or what her sexual history is.

Why am I freaking out? -->  I have a fiance, and I am getting married in April, so obviously there is the guilt issue.  A TREMENDOUS amount of guilt.  And then there is anxiety/paranoia.  I am very nervous and concerned about the possibility of catching an STD or even HIV, or even getting the CSW pregnant even though the chances I assume are small.

What have I done since then? --> I went to the doctor on Wed morning to get blood test and I gave a urine sampel to test me for HIV, chlamydia, HSV, Gonorrhea, Hep, and Syphillis.


1) Is there anything else I need to get tested for?
2) When I get back these results, say everything comes back negative...since the exposure was only 3-4 days ago, what should I get re-tested for?  And when should I get tested for what? (I want to know that I am 100% out of the woods - I'd love to know this before my wedding in April if possible).

Why the extreme guilt? -->  Like I said, I am engaged and of course I want to make sure I do not pass anything along. I know I did a very bad thing, and the guilt, anxiety, and paranoia is just excruciating.  Can anyone give advice on how to cope with this situation, I would really appreciate it.  Please help, I pretty much feel like the worst person ever, and as you can probably tell from this writing, I am having a lot of trouble coping with this, it's all I think about...


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You've posted this question before and it has been answered.
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you tested to early for a lot of things, but then again you really don't need to test. test at 6 weeks if you want and it will settle your fears.
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I am in the same position as you georgelucas. I had extreme guilt over my risk and with the anxiety and stress its just gets a hold of you. Stay calm. You are probably at the lowest risk possible, if any risk at all because you used a condom!!
I had protected sex but a unprotected blow job over 9 weeks ago now. Had a test at 34 days and it came back negative for stds and hiv. I've put a few posts on here and I got the same comment from lots of users. i.e - protected sex is protected sex. Did you have protected oral? Anyways if not, the chance of catching hiv thru oral is something like 0.005% out of 10,000 people. (basically more chance of being struck by lightening!) I get test in 2.5 weeks time, 12 weeks after the risk (if any) I am just doing this for piece of mind. At 28 days after the exposure you could do a HIV duo test, we have them here in UK so I more than presume that they have them in the US. They are something like 98-99% accurate. Do that if you are worried and try to chill out! Try this site here - http://www.lindenmethod.com/anxiety-symptoms/  It helped me think about my anxiety and stay calm.

Hope this helps
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Thank you for your response. Blow job was protected as well.  To my knowledge there was no rips or tears or no BJ or penetration without the condom, but then again, I was extremely intoxicated, and I am having trouble remembering anything, which isnt' helping the situation.  I'll look into HIV duo.  IS it safe?  Is it offered at regular doctors offices or clinics?  
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You need to be retested for HIV. It takes a few months for that to show up. Also, HPV.

I think the guilt you feel serves you right. Screwing a hooker when you are engaged to someone else and in a monogamous relationship with her is irresponsible. I am not talking from a moral standpoint, but from the standpoint of endangering your partner.One ubiquitous disease is HPV which I can almost guarantee the sex worker had. HPV causes cervical cancer in women and men are carriers. Your fiance will get this HPV and need to worry now for the rest of her life, unless she gets the vaccine - and even then, the vaccine only helps in certain strains. What you did is irresponsible and for the sake of your partner's health you should let her know so she can decide whether she wants to marry such a low life like yourself.
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you are talking to a post that is 3 years old
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