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Feeling infected after visiting massage parlour

I visited a massage parlor 11days before and post massage, therapist asked me that i need a HJ but i denied it. Then i started suspecting the place, like if the therapist is infected with HIV/possible semen/blood could have present over bed which i ad laid down.

Also, i have few pimples on my back with dry state/black colored state could allowed virus to get inside.

So, i started thinking like what if therapist could have previous client semen/blood in her hand/oil used might capable of hosting a virus.'

I also suspect the therapist could intentionally infected through her saliva/vaginal/blood from her hand cut(assuming as when i turn on other side) pouring on my shoulder because im not trusting the place that i visited since they offering HJ service.

Symtoms i have:
1.After two days started feeling fever and continued for three days
2.My HIV fear begins on fifth day then on sixth day i wnt to clinic to check my BP was high and no fever its within body temperature 98.6f however i started feeling hot flashes on same day and next two days.
3.on fifth day, i started feeling gum/cheek pain on right side
However i started feeling hot flashes on same day and next two days.
3.on fifth day, i started feel mouth  gum/cheek pain on right side and loosen mental stability upon observing these symptoms.
4.from 7th day onwards am having difficulty in GL(bowl moement as am no abe to free my stomach)
5.had three night sweats but not severe
6.lost weight upto 3.5kg
its been 12days, m unable to come out of the stress and weight loss making me so sad.
These symptoms  mostly related to HIV infection.
Please advise is there any caase similar to mine/ should i be worried??

Since i have not done any sexual activities but still am suffering from symptoms.

feel like my life is gone and sometimes feel good when i see comments about raw vaginal/anus intercourse/mother to child can infection occur. But not sure about current infections.

But still am being worried and no hope for living since considering family reputation, not married, from middle class family etc.
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Theres no any risk event that you mentioned above put you in a risk for hiv infection.
Unprotected vagina or anal sex with some one known positive is one of those risk for hiv infection and since you dint did any of that during your massage visit so nope your not in a risk for hiv.
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Thanks but am being concerned about symptoms and sudden changes in BP and weight loss occurring in three days.
Not sure that acne/pimple from my back side could made probable environment to allow infection to occur??? I believe it was not bleeding but i cannot trust that female therapist what  she could had done on me.
when your anxious and the whole day your mind is on about hiv of course that would elevate your BP,also with anxiety all the time,its not suprised you have lost weight as your mood of eating is gone when your mind is worry abt hiv whole day long.
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Symptoms are not indicator for HIV. Although, you could complain of as many symptoms you want, if you never had a risk, it can't he relevant to HIV.

You were never at a risk and don't need to test. Please see a GP for your ailments.
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