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Fellatio/HIV Transmission

I am hetero female who gave hetero male fellatio maybe 2-3 min no ejaculation the end of June.Never thought anything about HIV/STD until 5 wk later and I noticed a peasize knot in cervical node.went to the doc that day and he did a cbc (my temp was 100.9 but i didnt feel bad)to check for mono everything was fine and he gave me keflexin/cephalosporin to make the knot go away.  It didn't go away so I went to another doc the next week and he gave me amoxicllin and i basically told him i feared I had HIV and he told me he was sure I didn't that it was hard to get in the first place much less thru oral sex.at about wk 7 i got these terrible headaches the pain felt like it was right behind the eye socket and then my neck was really tense so i tried to rotate it and pop it but it only got more stiff. then i got mucus/phlegm stuck in my throat for about 2.5 weeks after the neck ordeal it wouldnt come up to my nose i just constantly swallowed it. at wk 9 i finally went to the doc about the mucus he said i had a bacterial inf and gave me zithromax. about a wk later i got a rash on my inner thigh it look a lot like a hickey because it was flat and had tiny purple dots everywhere. it went away in about 4 days. i have had nite sweats for about a 2 yr now so i didnt think anything about that.i have had an increase in joint pain in my legs during this time too at present moment.at 6 and 7 wk i had a oraquick which was negative, at 8wk i had an eia which was negative, at 10 another - oraquick, wk 13 -eia,wk 15 -oraquick, and at wk 17 -eia.what are the chances or is it just my mind?
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I'm personally sweating getting tested shortly for my 4 week, but at 6 and 8 and beyond (and youve been tested all to hell) theres VERY little chance you are infected, its in your mind. 13 weeks is about as fully conclusive as it gets. Go on about your life, if you REALLY must, get a 6 month, but itll be negative.

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Thank you so much for your comment!  I try and try to forget about it, my doc put me on 50mg of zoloft, temporary to help and it does help and I have never been so messed up in all my life! Its just thinking back I know I had a few small cuts in my mouth nothing wide open or blood gushing just from biting the inside of my cheek and then one where my wisdom tooth has scraped my gum. Weird things have happened after that event like I've never experienced before such as 2 yeast infections, a weird purplish rash that looked like a hickey, sporadic itching, and the peasized lump that is still there and has been since july31 if not sooner.i went to the ent a few wks ago and he said it was either a sebaceous cyst(harmless to him) or a lymph node but he was leaning more toward a cyst but didn't seem concerned either way.I didnt tell him the story but he didnt act concerned with the knot.my pcp of course insists on the final test at 6mo and he is a very young doc.i keep reading the fever is the most defining symptom and it scares the heck out of me because at 5wk i had a fever of 100.9and I have heard not to worry untilit is 102+ but would I recognize a fever of that magnitude?
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I think you would recognize a fever of 102. You know, people just sometimes get sick... we get colds, yeast infections, BV, sinus infections, achy joints, you name it. Happens all the time. I think your anxiety over this encounter may be leading you to make connections where there really are none.

If it helps, the risk of getting HIV from giving fellatio is 1 in 10,000, same risk as getting struck by lightning. I think you can safely relax.
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Hey monkey...

You know, sidebar, what is the risk of get hit by lighting? I thought it was like 1/52,000?  lol.  The Doc never mentioned!


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I actually looked it up. It's the same... you have a 1 in 10,000 chance of getting struck by lightning in your lifetime.
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Why would you worry when your repeated testing has been negative, well after the window period.
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I don't know Alex.  Why are many of us on here? Why do any of worry, in spite of the logic?  The same reason she's still worrying.
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I hear you man. Actually I am not exactly a shining example of dealing with this either. Best we can do is reasure each other. Maybe clarity and logic can be reached when someone else points it out to you.
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