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Fever, Cough, runny nose possible ARS?

After 8 days from potential exposure I experience:
All began with discomfort in nasal Cavity, after a day nose began to get runny and with wattery secretions, also being congested, temperature: 37- 37,2 Celsius for about 2 days, no sore throat, no rash no muscle pain or arthralgia, slight cough. Is it possible to be ARS manifestations?
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Nasal secretions is inconsistent with ars. 37 is close to 98.6, a normal temperature. What is of greater importance is the exposure which causes you to worry about ars?
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Is it possible in 8 days postexp to appear symp of ARS?
Isn't runny nose an excluding symptom?
What is the range of possible temperatures in ARS?
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Symptoms are not relevant, the nature of exposure is? If you had unprotected intercourse you want to get tested at 3 months. Assuming you are a male who had unprotected vaginal intercourse the odds are very small that you caught. If the women was a sex worker, give it one chance in 100 and actual intercourse without a condom at 1 chance in 1000 - your odds are 1/100,000 - pretty good odds, but still worth a test at 3 months.

The runny nose thing, asked the question myself on the forum and was told that ars does not cause this. To have a real fever it needs to over 100 degrees in most cases.
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That is one chance in 100 the women had HIV
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Thanks, Will
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