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I took an armpit thermo reading and it varies from the part of the day from 37.0-37.4

i heard that being that its an armpit thermometer it is .6C inaccurate.

So question i had this temp for about 3 weeks give or take.

Is an ARS fever considered to be ~38C or does it have to be higher to be ARS?
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Take the temp using an oral thermo and compare the two.  Or an ear one and do both ears to be sure.  As a guide, my base temp seems to be about 36.8-37.2 (oral thermo) and thats everyday for years!

But...what makes you think it would be ARS?  What was your exposure?

Anyway, if it was ARS you would have had more symptoms than just a fever.  And symptoms are not a reliable guide to diagnosing HIV.
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I had an experiance with a CSW about a month back. i had a small abscess (did reseach and i guess there are lots of WBC there) with an ingrown hair in it. what i am worried about was when she was on top she may have loosened it and her vaginal fluids got inside. i did wear a condom though but the abcess is my main concern.

Currently i have slight fever going to say maybe about ~37.6-38, slight cough, stuffy nose, minor fatigue, on and off diahrea, sores in mouth(maybe normal),  tounge has some patches of stuff on it(not white patches but where their is suppose to be taste buds theres patches of nothing like someone pulled them off). thats about it. i think i might have a rash but i dont think its ARS rash.
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Sounds very unlikely that you were at risk.  How long ago was the exposure?
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one month
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freaking me out...ive never had all these things happen at once...constant "fever", fatigue, tounge problems, i think a rash but it seems normal for me this time of year.

I really hope i dont have it. if i do im going to china in the mountains to study TaiChi. that might make me live longer?
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I think your risk was too low to even bother testing,  but I am not an expert by any means.  A test now would be 85-90% conclusive.  Wait two weeks and it will be 90-95% conclusive.  Wait til 12 weeks post exposure and it will be 100% conclusive.

Would a test now or in  a couple of weeks put your mind at ease?  If so, test and expect it to be negative.  If not wait a couple more months.  Eitherway I'd bet it will be negative.

Take care.
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You were never at risk longone.
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