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Final test hope your opinion to put it to bed


I had six month pcr qualitative and Elisa 4th generation on cobras e411. Still suffer from Candida's albicans which what triggered all this out again.

Any chance that this be all false negative?
I have done few other testes before
Rapid test 3month (Canada)
Rapid test 5 month
Pcr DNA 3 weeks,
P24 3 weeks
Antibody test 3 weeks
Pcr 40 days
Elisa 3rd gen 40 days

Could this Candida albicans from hiv doc?. And at what stage this should appear ? It had been press sting since at least 4 months. Never had dat before.

I also did all the std panel at three and six month and all came back negative.

The problem I had few exposure in Africa and was difficult to check the people afterwords.

In summary!

1-Are all this tests absolutely conclusive, I had no further exposure 100 percent
I have start testing after a stomach infection where I suggested it was alike ars
2-What stage  (after how long)this Candida albicans should in general appear if hiv infected person, could be as a results of the antibiotics and stress From six month ago
3-Would a pcr pick up the virus even if my body did not produce antibodies ?
Is that normal that people have all this anxiety or am I a bit exaggerating?
Is their any thing else I can do?

Thx doc

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I can confirm the reassuring replies you have already had both from the HIV interenational expert forum and this forum. I don't understand why you felt you had to ask again.

1) Your test results are 100% conclusive.

2) See your other thread about Candida. It doesn't indicate HIV, and anyway the HIV test results overrule everything else -- exposure history, symptoms, candida, everything.

3) Everybody produces antibodies if they have HIV. If you were infected, both your PCR and antibody tests would have been positive.

Is it "normal that people have all this anxiety?" Absolutly not. You are WAY over-exaggerating.

"Is their any thing else I can do?" If you continue to worry despite all this, I you should seek professional counseling.  It isn't normal to remain so fearful after all the science-based reassurance you have had.
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Thx a million sorry again
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