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Finished PEP

Hello everyone. I finished my 28 day course of pep, Tivicay and Truvada once per day, it has been roughly 7 days since the completion of pep and i am feeling sick ex: digestive problems such as diarrhea, sick to my stomach hot cold flashes. I have been having a really rough time dealing with this mess i got myself into and have an insane amount of anxiety about acquiring HIV !! i know that is nothing new on this forum, but i have no one to talk to about this.
After i completed my 28 day course of PEP which was August 25th, the physician at the local STI clinic gave me the go ahead to get blood work done 1 week after completion and 3 months post Exposure, now from what i have been reading it is 3 months post last dose of PEP. Is 3 months post exposure definitive? i live in Canada not sure if that makes a difference or not though.

I am Very worried PEP failed, being that i have felt sick the last 3 days. Is that combination of PEP any good since its only once per day?

For any kind of reference: while on PEP the first 8 days i felt pretty ill feeling, not sure if that was from the PEP or Symptoms of HIV, then subsided until now.

any help would be appreciated thanks!  
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Hi. thank you so much for your reply and the reassurance of PEP. Some may or may not think i needed pep im still a bit confused about it actually. I guess im not 100% sure the penetration was protected maybe more like 50%.
What scares me is how rushy he was after i heard a snap, (maybe that is when he took it off) than was in a hury to try again, didnt work though because it felt a little different  and i stopped it and noticed he was unprotected and left.

Anyways i will stop posting now dont mean to be a bother. Thanks so much for the help!  
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Pep has shown a good track record of preventing infection if started within 72 hours, you took yours at 21 hours which is excellent. Being on pep can have its side effects, which I believe you're experiencing.
Please note that your window period has changed as advised in your earlier thread. Take the ag/ab test at 6 weeks post PEP for an excellent indication. If negative,  follow up with a 12 week ab test. A negative result at 6 week will most likely be your true status and very unlikely to change at 12 weeks.
Not sure about the testing guidelines in Canada regarding the conclusive testing timeline but I believe it is 3 months. Yes. A three month negative result will be conclusive.  You can read about it here.http://www.phac-aspc.gc.ca/aids-sida/guide/hivstg-vihgdd-eng.php#d2.
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