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Finished pep 3 weeks ago

I finished pep 3 weeks ago and the day after I finished pep I went out and drank beer and the next morning I saw something which was behind my tongue which looked like a organ which was yellow with red veins and it reduced in size after a week now it came back and I got tested yesterday twice and the test was negative...lets say I seroconverted my result should have been positive already right?
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Test is conclusive.
I think you saw your tonsil or uvula
You have to wait 4 weeks after stopping PEP if you used a duo or 12 if you used any other to be conclusive. What kind did you use?
So can u see your uvula when u drink alot ? So its not caused by hiv symptoms becoz I never developed rash or fever
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I dont know the tests which I used I got tested at a clinic
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Should be conclusive anyways
So thank u becoz u should test positive after seroconversion even if u were taking pep so my throat infection isnt caused by the pep I was using
Or the hiv acute symptoms
You tested at 3 weeks. The earliest you can test is 4 weeks so your 3 week test was a waste of time. Therefore you need to test again, and it is irrelevant what test you did when you wasted your time. Next time find what test they are using so you don't waste your time again. And also ask the clinic if it is conclusive so you don't have all these questions about your test, but no facts for someone to figure it out for you.
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I developed sore throat the next day after hiv exposure and two weekd after exposure one lymph node at the bsck of my neck and developed oral candidiasis 4 weeks after starting pep and I then tested and I was negative so ut means that all my symptoms werent related to hiv ?
Only a test can determine your status, so your questions are a waste of time.
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