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First time protected sex with a call girl

Hello Doc

I m 35 year old guy,  and 7 days back I had protected sex with  a lady for the first time,  whose sexual status I don't know she could be +ve or - ve.  But she has many partners.

Following things happend
I wore a latex condom and did the Protected veginal sex,  she shucked me with the condom first and then veginal sex.. It was a body to body contact as well..

Though it was all happend suddenly I was regretted a lot that after knowing the fact that i will now be affected with all STI and STD.

after 3 days I had following symptoms all over my body.. niddle itching.. The itching is still in my complete body.  

Is it a confirmed symptoms of  STD.
I am very worried.. And decided to do all the tests after 4 weeks and after all window period.

Please suggest me what are the other symptoms that will confirm that I hv already infected with the diseases...

Till now I hv no symptoms other than itching and burning sensation in my body.

Should I stop sex with my wife till the window period of 6 months or for 2  year to protect her from infection..??

Please suggest
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Being this is an hiv forum I'll address only that.
Wearing a latex condom isolates from possible hiv infection.
Whatever you experienced wasn't from hiv.
Respectfully ask your std-sti questions in the appropriate forum.
Thank you for your valuable reply
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Because I don't know her status of HIV she could be +ve or - ve

In this case if the symptoms of HIV occurs then what would b the clear time frame and the clear symptoms of it.
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If you experience symptoms see your doctor.
But they won't be hiv symptoms.
You had no risk.
If she has hiv your latex condom isolated you from it.
Besides, most women do not have hiv and the transmission of the virus, female to male, does not easily occur.
Even if you didn't use a condom and she was positive, it is not automatic that you would be infected.
Anxiety is messing with you.
28 days post risk, 4th generation test.
It is not necessary in your case. I answered your concern.
Take care.
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Thank you Doc for your reply

Actually I m extremely worried bcoz I realized that I did a mistake despite knowing the fact that I have many other important responsibilities in life to do for my family who are fully dependent on me.

If something goes wrong they will completely shattered without me and knowing my condition.

I promised myself not to repeat this mistake once again.

Thank you for your valuable comment

Will keep you posted about my signs and symptoms and test reports to further seek your advice..
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You are welcome and I'm not a Dr so you understand that.
If you told you wrong information I would have been corrected by members or the moderator.

Glad you learned from this.
Your anxiety and quilt will cause you to blame anything that would have happened to you any way blame hiv.
You had no risk for hiv.
And a small risk for other stds.
If you wish to discuss that possibility post your concern in the std thread.
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