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First time receiving anal sex, my partner removed the condom midway

I decided to try bottoming first time last night. I asked my partner if he has any diseases and he showed me an online test result. But it was anonymous so I'm not sure if it's actually his account. I asked him to put on a condom and he did, but half way through i realized he removed it, or it slipped out. He hadn't come yet and he seems like a good guy. But I got freaked out and went to get PEP meds anyway. Should I take them? I heard they can be pretty bad for my health.

Please let me know the real risk here. Thanks.
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Did he spunk inside you?
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No he didn't come inside me. That I'm sure.
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Irregardless of him cumming or not. You had unprotected anal sex. You should test at 4-6 weeks and 13 weeks to confirm your result. If you have PEP prescribed you need to take it within 72 hours of exposure. After you finish it, test at 3 months post exposure to confirm your result.
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Ftworthstress is right. You had a risk. However, get an antibody test 3 months AFTER YOUR LAST DOSE OF PEP for a conclusive result. A DUO test at 28 days "post last dose of PEP" ((not later than 28 days)) would also be a good INDICATION.
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