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Flu-like symptoms after anal sex with stranger

I was recently on a business trip and met someone on-line. He was a 23 year old guy. I am a closet gay man with a beautiful wife and two wonderful kids.  I have never had anal sex before and thought I would try it.  I told the guy I was married and begged him to be honest with me.  He said he was a nurse and completely clean.  He lubed the condom and inserted it into his anus. However, I almost immediately ejaculated.  I was too embarrassed to tell him and kept thrusting for a minute or so until my penis popped out of his anus.  The condom had slipped off and the tip was still inserted in his ***.  90% of the condom was clear of his anus.  I immediately washed my penis with soap and water.  I did not examine the condom so don't know if it was torn.  

13 days later I begin to experience flu-like runny nose.  I had cold sweats and the next day was totally knocked out.  I suffered extreme fatigue and could hardly get out of bed, some cramping, total loss of appetite, headache and fever.  The next day I felt significantly better but still had a mild headache, general tiredness and total lack of appetite. I have not yet experienced a sore throat, diarrhea or dry coughing.  Having researched the early symptoms of HIV I realize that I may have been infected.

I am obviously deeply concerned.  Having always been extremely carefully about my gay adventures.  I can't believe I let myself and my family down with this reckless encounter.  

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I suggest you get tested for HIV right away if the encounter was at least 3 or 4 weeks ago, you can get some degree of knowledge about your status. If positive, then that's it. If negative, re-test at around the 8th or 9th weeks and if still negative, you can start forgetting about it being HIV.

you contact was too brief and the guy said he isn't HIV+. I think is unlikely you are infected but still only tests tell the truth, the facts.
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The encounter was only 2 weeks ago.  I'm pretty certain that the condom wasn't torn because he held it up when he pulled the tip out of his anus.  I'm also pretty sure that it came off on withdrawal.  

Still I want to get tested asap.  What is the first window for a test?  
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if the condom came off on withdrawal, you had no risk and should forget this incident and move on.

still, I don't have a video of you 2 having sex to watch what happened with more accuracy to say if there was risk or not.

My advice: get tested at 6 weeks. it doesn't hurt to know your status even if this particular event didn't put you at risk.
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That's good to know. I had put the whole horrible night out of my mind until I was suddenly struck with this terrible flu.  

I will get tested at 6 weeks.  So 4 more weeks to wait.  Yikes!!!
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