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Follow up on symptoms and HIV test

Hello all:

First and foremost I must say that my current worry about a possible HIV infection has granted me more empathy for anyone worried about an infection and those that are infected. I wrote a few weeks ago about an encounter with an escort that I had where the condom came off as I pulled out (also I might have herpes, as one doctor diagnosed me with it years ago and other doctors since said it was a misdiagnosis). Suffice it to say, I took an HIV test at my doctors office and it came out negative. However, here are some of the sticky points. First and foremost he believed it to be a viral infection and diagnosed it as Thrush  and also allergies and prescibed some medication for it. The HIV test was taken 25 days after possible exposure to the virus. I developed this "thrush" 4 days after the possible exposure and still have it to this day. More to the point, 3-4 weeks after the experience with the escort I developed headaches, red and black spots in my mouth along with a sores on my tongue and on my cheeks from time to time. They appear and disappear. Also I have had a few days of diarahhea that has been very mild. I have also had some wierd outbreaks of small localized red bumps and feelings of lethargy, nasuea, and for a few moments out of the blue, stomach pains. My doctor and I are waiting for additional tests on my blood count to come back. My question is this; am I showing the symptoms of ARS since it is in the "window"? How accurate are HIV tests 25 days after and when one could be showing the symptoms? Since the hiv test and culture came back negative and I am a a smoker, could I have hairy lekopika ( please forgive the misspelling)? I do have ridges along the side of my tongue and have had them since 4 days after? Any help would greatly be appreciated.
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You didn't have a risk. You didn't need testing and a 25-day test is worthless. Thrush is not HIV specific. Anyone can get thrush at anytime. Mouthwash and alcohol  use can cause thrush. .
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Wow, I was under the impression that at 25 days it should have an accuracy rate somewhere above 55%. At least that is what I read on this forum. Should I wait the whole three months are get tested at six weeks? I am really worried about this as I find it hard to believe a test at 3 weeks and a half is completely worthless. There must be some substance to the test, even if it only narrows the odds down
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if the condom came off as u pulled out then u have extremely minimal risk. if it came into contact with vaginal fluids u still have an extremely minimal risk, get urself tested even if its just for peace of mind. dont worry about this 'thrush as i was diagnosed with it weeks ago but it turns out its completely normal, i also have sore on the inside of my cheek on both sides but these can be from accidentaly biting your cheek or similar circumstances and are unlikely to be anything serious, forget about it and move on!
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btw i failed to mention i was misdiagnosed with thrush. as dental surgeons will tell you, its unbelievable how many doctors diagnose men with thrush, dispite how unbelievably rare it is for males to get it, and they look at mouths every day for years!
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