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For The Love Of God Please Read.....

Ok, I got your attention... I guess you have to sell yourself on the subject and title..  Can I get some feedback on my HIV risks involved. I briefly fingered a girl and afterwards I noticed that I had a pin sized eczema pimple on the finger next to the one I used to finger her, the pimple wasnt open (not that I think) as I picked the scab off days later due to scrathing it from worry, but the fact is was there made me worry. I dont think I used that finger to finger her but possibly I did. Cant remember.. What are my HIV risks for fingering and fingering with the pin hole eczema pimple. What about if the eczema pimple was open it never bled resembled a hangnail really but it was eczema.
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Easy !

NO RISK, whtsoever !

Fingering is at NO RISK & for even a minute risk to be present you needed a PROFUSELY BLEEDING FRESH CUT !

Your incidence was at NO RISK and does not even warrants testing !


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never in my life had i ever heard of some one getting infected by fingering some one. there is no risk whatsoever so don't worry. but just in case you decided to have sex use a condom. Better safe than sorry.
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