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French Kiss and Boob bite can cause HIV

Hi All,

It may be a repeated post. But I am so scared, so desperate to get advice from experts.
Two weeks earlier i had a visit to strip club. A stripper french kissed me for couple seconds.
Later I bite her boob, which she gave a jolt, so i stopped it. Later she kissed me on my cheek
too. I had shaved couple hours before that. After that i cleaned myself in the restroom as well.
Two days later I had joint aches. Four days later
i have neck pain but i cannot see any swelling on the neck. Two weeks now,still having neck pain.
Had sore and strep thorat for couple days. Three days i had felt so hot in the chest during nights and little sweats. Having frequent head aches. I threw up three times. Feeling tired.

I gave elisa tests on 3rd day and 11th day after the encounter, came negative.
i just gave RNA test, waiting for results. I am scared about results too.

Is it like mono, because this is my first french kiss and I am 27 yrs old.
Please advice my risk over here. I am browsing all over and i feel like my system form inside is messed up.

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I forgot to mention, i have bad gums, because i brush hard. Next following day after encounter i saw a small dot of blood on my tooth.
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You did not have a risk for HIV, save your money on HIV testing. Check this link for mono symptoms and questions...

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Stop trolling the net for information,all you need to know is that you never had a risk and do not require any testing.Hiv is not transmitted by french kissing or boob bites.Your safe and should leave this situation behind you.Your bad gums have nothing to do with the zero risk activities you engaged in.
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Thanks Hope242,

But am i not too old for mono? My worry is blood spot under the front tooth near the gum.

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No your not to old for mono, its very common...you would be surprised at how many people get mono..
Even with bleeding gums there is no risk for HIV. The virus is not found in saliva
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Thanks guyz for your prompt replies. It is such a relief now.
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Sorry one last question, what if she had bleeding gums?
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Makes no difference,still no risk because saliva contains protiens and enzymes that render the hiv virus inactive and therefore unable to infect.
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maybe a quote from the Doctor will help too...

by H. Hunter Handsfield, M.D.,
"Nobody in the world ever is known to have acquired HIV by kissing, blood or no blood."

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Thnx much
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my question is:

why in the world would you BITE her boob?  anyone ever taken a chunk out of your penis????????????????
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i was lil high, so my bad
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