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Friction on the genitals

Hello doctor
I want to know whether the genitals of both men and women rub against each other, whether it can be infected with hiv.
I lay in bed, a woman on top of me, she used her vulva friction my glans, I'm afraid her secretions through my penis infection I lasted a few seconds, but my penis did not enter her vagina, But I was afraid, afraid of the secretions into my mouth.
I would like to ask the doctor, I do not he the possibility of infection HIV。
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Rubbing is not a risk for HIV which must be transmitted inside the human body via unprotected anal/vaginal intercourse or sharing IV needles. You had no penetration and therefore, NO RISK.

Oral sex is NOT a risk for HIV, but can be a risk for other STD's and you should have an STD panel done.
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