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Yeah I know that i was told that i didn't need to test after the blood exposure 6 weeks ago, but i guess i got anxiety problems plus i was having some of the symptoms that's associated with ARS. I haven't been able to enjoy the last few weeks! So i finally got tested Monday for HIV and other STDs and the tests came back negative. I breathed a sign of relief cuz if i did have something, it would've shown up by now.

then the doctor gonna tell me that i would have to retest again in 6 months. I'm like "why?" and he says that "it takes up to 6 months for HIV to show" I told him "that's funny, cuz i learned that it was 3 months for a conclusive?" sounds like this doctor is not up to date or he's following some old regular CDC protocol. but im going to take this as a good  thing.

So all that worrying and possible symptoms must have been anxiety. but still imma hold off on sex for a while til i can get these worries and fears under control.
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Glad to hear it!  Yeah, stress and anxiety will kill ya!  They've been doing it to me!  A lot of doctors out there are way out dated in testing times.
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Sorry I didn't see but what symptoms did you have?  I too am crazily worried, I've had a lot of migraines, naseau, loss of appetite, dull muscle ache and thrush in the mouth.  I don't sleep for more than 4 hours a night because of this...  
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your doc is not up to date or he is being too conservative..3months is fine
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