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Gave unprotected oral.. one month swollen gland

Now day 28 that,

I gave 69 position Unprotected blowjob to a beautiful tranny..
It was about a minute or two.

She didnt seem perfect in hygiene,also had a pink lump in her butt like a very big bite from mosquito.

didnt ejaculate, but im not sure if she had some pre-cum in that max two minute licking.

Then she anally penetrated me for 5mins-protected.
1.on day 5th..till now some pains in many joints.arms and legs..

2.on day 6th till now one swollen lymph node in my neck..not visible..but i can and my doctor also palpate it,
Which on day 17 or  18 it did pain and it became a bit bigger , about 1cm diametre..also not visible , but easily touched..   Also a smaller , half , node exactly next to the first could be felt in touch.

3.day 10th-28th some headaches , annoying me.. Not very strong but i dont like them.

4. Some sore throat , but like i want to clear it  and not during swallowing..but i feel it inexplicable in no specific times everywhere round my neck.

No sore throat , no fever , no rash.

5.  24days and a half , 3rd Elisa gen rapid test by injection in my finger , gave me NEG result.
I know everyone you will tell me i have to wait 3months..bla bla bla.
BUT according to     http://www.drtanandpartners.com/wp-content/uploads/2014/08/HIV-WIndow-Period.png
if i had IgM on day 23rd so on 24,5 i would be positive.

I also read in www.aids.ch that its proved , that precum doesnot cause infection in unprotected oral.True?

I am scared because she pushed penis deep throat to me to my tonsils that i know are more sensitive to aquire hiv if then she pre-cumed some drops ,IF , i dont know for sure.Also , my front only tooth have some gum recedence.

I have to be scared?? Why lymph node is swollen in neck?Its ARS?

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You had no risk.
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Grateful to you..

Two more questions Just give one word answer only..

1.so,why such symptoms?
2.rapid test 3rd gen , according to the link url i attached , has any sense???
Is it accurate somehow?I mean a good sign of status..Or its useless???

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1. See a Dr
2. I guess you didn't read what I wrote, you had no risk.
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