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General question on early symptoms

I have researched a lot on ARS symptoms (or lack of symptoms) and realize if they come they tend to come 2-4 weeks (seroconversion by average 22 days) after exposure & last for 1-2 weeks only then go away again.
My question is, could swollen lymph nodes and muscle aches come after the initial 1-2 weeks of flu like illness as the body is still producing antibodies?
Also with general lymph node enlargement would it be expected to enlarge all nodes at once (i.e. groin, neck arm pits in the 1-2 weeks or after) or could some go and new ones come throughout early HIV? There is not much data on this.  
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Thanks Vance, I am aware of that, and it is understandable as symptoms cannot diagnose HIV, actually a simple search for any symptom on google will come up with HIV as a cause for almost everything. It is an interesting subject, so I am trying to educate myself.
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