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Genital Wart on Shaft = HIV risk?

Hi - I had sex with a masseuse in SFO last week - I actually mainly went in for oral, but she put a condom on me and jumped on top before I really thought about it - sex lasted about 45 seconds, maybe 1.5 minutes.  I don't know that she had the condom all the way down the shaft of my penis, and my concern is that I have a very small wart on the shaft about halfway from the head.

Is there increased risk of exposure if the condom did not cover the wart the entire time?  There's no open sore around the wart - no bleeding, etc.  It doesn't itch or anything either.

What really has me worried is that I've developed a 3 day case of diarrhea, that hasn't stopped yet.  No fever, no symptoms of sickness outside of the diarrhea - a little bit of lymph node pain, but not any more than I usually have associated with sinus and allergy issues.

Thanks in advance for any advice - I know I will only know once I'm tested, but it's only been nine days so a test right now would be useless.

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Most importantly you had a condom on for starters... and unless the wart is genital warts it doesn't really increase the risk much and plus you say that it is no open wound or bleeding so that lessens your chances of contracting something even more. I doubt you need testing from this. But get tested anyway it's good to know your status
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Thanks amp187 - it's a really small wart, but I'm pretty sure it's HPV.  No bleeding, no visible open wound, but it's barely bigger than the tip of a bic pen - or maybe even the same size.  Just worried that since it's half way down the shaft and the skin move up and down a little that it might have been outside of the ring of the condom and gotten some in-and-out action uncovered.

Thanks again.
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