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Genital rubbing hiv risk in women

What is the risk of rubbing penis on clitoris,Suddenly my bf penis slipped near vaginal lips so felt slight pain but no penetration.what are my risk.
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If you felt no penetration, then there was no risk.  The penis has to go into the vagina for a risk for HIV and it has to be unprotected. Risks for adults include unprotected vaginal or anal sex or sharing IV drug needles.  You also mention this is your boyfriend. That would make him very low risk in terms of wouldn't you know if he had HIV? He's not a high risk partner at this point.
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No i am confirm there was no penetration but penis touched vaginal lips for few fraction of seconds. I am scared if precum enter in side the vagina from there. And yes i know him for 8 years.
If you've known the man for 8 years, you'd know if he had HIV.  Be realistic.  You can't get HIV from a regular partner that doesn't have HIV. And you also can not get HIV from his penis just touching your outer lips. Penetration IS required for transmission.  Do you suffer anxiety that you are aware of?  It sounds like you may.
Sorry for disturb you again..what is his penis was in the opening of vagina but not entered.if his pebis touched the opening of vagina?
I felt little pain during the rubbing. Though his penis not entered but it may touched my vagina's opening.
You were doing so well.  Now you are back in the anxiety trap. Get help for your anxiety.  My answer hasn't and won't change.  No risk.
I have decided to go for a  hiv home kit test to rest my mind on peace but i am very very scared.
We are not able to help you with your anxiety - only a therapist can do that.  This is a forum for medical questions about HIV prevention, risk, and testing.  You had no risk and your test will be negative.  
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