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Genital rubbing with clothes

What i initially thought as a non risky exposure, is ending up giving me nightmares. I've started worrying more about it now than before. I'd posted in the Std forum thinking that my incident is not a risk for Hiv. But now i think otherwise. Here's what happened. I went to a massage place 3 weeks back. The massage lady was on top of me, fully clothed grinding / rubbing her vagina over my penis. I was sleeping naked on my back, and there was a towel in between us. She was wearing underwear and a cotton pant. After a few minutes, I saw that she reached orgasm. I went on to check if the towel was wet with her fluids and found it to be little bit moist. The thought that vaginal fluid crossed the three layers of clothing and touched my penis is freaking me out. Since the fluid did touch my penis and urethra opening, does this mean I'm at risk for HIV? Request forum members to assess my risk. Should i test for hiv in 4-6 weeks time?
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The only adult risks for HIV are:
1) having unprotected, penetrative vaginal or anal sex with someone of unknown status, or
2) sharing intravenous drug needles

You had zero risk for HIV.  No penetration = no risk.   You do not need an HIV test since you had no risk for HIV.  There is no detail you could add to this event that would make it a risk for HIV.

No one has ever been infected in this manner, and you will not be the first.
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Thank you for the reply. I finally feel a bit relieved.
What i gather from this is since i did not have unprotected intercourse, it is not a risk. In my case, if the penis (unprotected) would have gone inside the vagina, it would be considered a risk.
Outercourse or genital rubbing isn't a risk even if the vaginal fluid comes in contact with the urethra opening of the penis. Is this correct?
Yes. CurfewX has already provided you an assessment of your situation.  You need to accept the fact that you did not have an exposure.  No testing needed.
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