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Getting worried of symtoms-Help me Please!!!

Hi doctors,

on Jan 6,2014 i had a protected enconter with a prostitute.While saying protected i did use a condom.i did oral & vaginal sex.every time an oral or vaginal activity is over i noted that the condom was placed intact on my penis which rules out the condom slip(since the condom is still placed in my penis)& condom break(since if it breaks the entire condom would be torn down,but the condom was still in tact with my penis).This was the first time iam having sex in life,yes im a virgin.there was lot of pain for me from my side during the anal & vaginal sex.I asked the prostitute she said it was becoz of my large foreskin on the tip of my penis.I have 2 possible risks which i mentioning below:-

1)what if the condom had a Hole in the top.One of my friend told there could come manufacture defects in it and it could a risk.If there was a hole then is there a risk for me.

2)but before intercourse she gave me some breat massage.During that activity she rubbed the tip of my penis in her nipples for some time (without condom).Im just thinking what if somedrop of milk or breast secretions gone throught the urethra of my penis.Can it be a risk???

After few days of my encounter iam experiencing several types of symtoms which i can co relate to HIV or other STD's.They are mentioned below.(this is my 14th day im posting these question)

1)Pain in my penis head(for 7 days after infection now its gone after i drank a lot of water)
2)pain in joints-knees,hips & right chest side(this happened after 3-7 days of exposure...now its gone)
3)feeling tired and extra shiverness(till date im having this from the date of exposure although lately its little less than usual)
4)Dry mouth and shortness of breath in early mornings(it happens in early morning only and goes away after activities and again comes back next morning-From exposure till date im having this)
5)Weight loss- I have reduced 5 KGs in last 2 weeks.(note i havent done any exercise or dieting at all)
6)Dry cough & sore throat-im realy scared now after getting this last symtoms(this came in athe 13th day after exposure)

I also consulted my local clinic they gave me Hiv 1 & 2 test(elisa-P4 antigen test(4th gen))which came back negative for HIV(i took this test on the 12th day after exposure)

Please help me .......let me know what is my situtaion exactly...im realy worried ..Please say what is happening to me.
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Hi Teak,

First of all thanks for your valuable time and answers.I have some of the doubts where i could not find answers in forums or anywhere in the internet. I request you clear and enligten me regarding my doubts.(in order if possible)

1)I stared having some symptoms soon after 3-5 days after exposure.can a seroconversion start within 3-5 days after a exposure?have you ever come across any cases in your experience who seroconverted 3-5 days after possible exposure?

2)My symptoms were Fatigue(the most long standing symptom,Joint pains,tremors(some vibration inside the body like some thing running inside my body),Dry tongue in the mornings(still another long standing symptom)& and chills while experiencing these tremors.i did not experience any fever(had some some similar temperature changes but nothing sort of high temperature fever till now),Cold or flu (had some occasional cough and sneeze nothing sort of runny nose or a heavy dry cough till now),no swollen nodes till now.do u have seen any cases who has been hiv +ve without the symptoms i mentioned and with the symptoms i have mentioned?

3)All the with symptoms i have mentioned stayed for 7 days and left after that.But during the fourth day of my symptom i have  taken a tablet(a normal cold tablet called "Montek LC")in the afternoon and the whole day i was feeling normal.I next day (5th day) the symptoms began again.My question is during when a person sero converts can normal antibiotics tablets minimize or eliminate the effect of seroconversion illness or does the sero conversion does not responds to any medication until it fully seroconverts?

4)During my 7days phase of illness the illness was on and off.That is i felt tired when i wake up in morning and after some times feel fresh after taking bath then afternoon around 3pm i started again then once again feeling fresh then after 6 or 7 pm i started feeling symptoms again then again it goes vice versa.Can a sero conversion symtoms happen on and off(with break in between) or does it happen continuesly?

5)Fatigue is my main symptom of illness.i know its common for all kind of illness.But my fatigue is kind of complicated.When the fatigue starts and if keep on sitting or lying in bed without doing any work the fatigue increases.But when the fatigue starts i simply ignore that fatigue and start doing somthing(like some normal household works or walking)the fatigues seems to be decreasing.Does a sero conversion fatigue decreases when we are engaged in a physical activity or does it not deccreases when even when we are engaged in physical activity?

6)even though i had a protected encounter,if not Hiv does it sound like any other STD's or any common infections that can you think of.Becoz i believe i can get answeres form expert doctors like you rather then searching answeres in internet(its realy scary).Please suggest me on basis of my symptoms what other illness could possibly has have?

7)with my symptoms & scenarios(discussed in the initial question)what is my percentage of me affecting with HIV virus.Please do answer this question in percentage wise out of hundred?

8)As i mentioned this is my first time sex and can a hormonal imbalance can cause me these mentioned symptoms?is it possible?

9)i have a huge forskin,some sites suggest that HIV virus can live in persons's foreskin as the moist environment in the foreskin is suitable for the virus to survive.is that true can a hiv virus live in the foreskin?if so then can it penetrate though the urethra region?is any cases like these has been docemented or happened ever?

10)This is a irrevalent question to HIV but still i want to know your opinion about it.On the same day after my encounter i came home and took bath and wore a new dress.I got biten by a black colour incest(it should have been hiding in my dress & it was in the size of a watermelon seed).I simply ignored it.But after 3 days after the bite the started all my above mentioned symtoms.The bitted spot was initially swollen and lite reded and now after 15 days the spot has become black(spreaded black spot).Can incest bite cause symtoms like fatigue,joint pain,tremors and chills after 3 days of bite?(im not sure what type of incest bited me but it was not looking like a Bulls eye so i dont think its was lyme disease).

11)My last question.I live in south africa.South africa has the largest population of HIV +ve ppl.How good & clean are CSW workers in south africa(i did not go to a low grade CSW worker i went to some what upper middle grade CSW worker).Any openion about that?

I know all my questions are complicated and long.But please take time and answer my  questions in detailed manner in order.it not only helps me but for other worried people all over the world who are searching for answers.All my questions are complex ones and the internet do not have any specific info about my questions.You docs are like angels sent straight from heaven by god to worried souls like me.Please help me with my questions so that i can have know what my exact situation is like.This is my 20th after my possible exposure.I also been diagonised by OCD and im completely Paranoid about STD's especially HIV.

Thanks in Advance!!!!

God Bless everyone.!!!!!
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You aren't paying attention here as you were not at Aidsmeds. You didn't have an exposure, you don't need testing and your symptoms have nothing to do with HIV.
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Thanks Teak,

Even though i do not have any risk im still worried of my ongoing sysmtoms and i believe i need to get tested to keep my mind at ease.The three month antibodies test is too long to wait.Today is my 16th day after my possible exposure.is there any test which can detect HIV as early as now....Please enlighten the possible HIV tests along with their period of testings..

Thanks in Advance
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Had the condom failed you would have been sure. You don't have to second guess a condom failure.
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Hi Teak,

Thanks for the quick reply.I have one more doubt.since this is my first sex experience iam not sure about condom breakage.all i can remember after my anal & vaginal activity is that the condom was placed intact with my penis.Is this a safe prospect.Can i be sure that the condom did not break.It was just intact with my penis.
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You don't have an HIV concern.
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