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Gonorrhea & HIV coninfection

Hi, I'm concerned about receiving oral (insertive) from a coinfected person (HIV, Gonorrhea)..
If it happens that I caught penile gonorrhea from him, would that pose a risk for HIV? because the pus that transmit gonorrhea is full of white cells, which is a host for HIV, then the pus has to enter the penis for a gono transmission, so that HIV?
Thanks in advance
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No it would not pose a risk. Oral sex is not a risk.
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Thanks Teak, I can understand that the Gonorrhea bacteria  (with the white cells) doesn't carry HIV.. That was my issue, this specific case..
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He's HIV+, and I avoid to ask him since I don't want him to feel guilt and he's such a nice person.. Are you sure that I can move on without testing? I was afraid that gonorrhea might carry HIV.. Thank you
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Sorry for bothering, but do you really recommend moving on without testing, and leaving this behind with the case explained above? Thank you anyway
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OH! Nursegirl! Your post is just amazing! Thank you, really! It's really well connected together, all the facts are in, I will print that :)
Tough it's a big relief reading it, this will include the gonorrhea thing?
I think I'm being mean now, but the white cells in presence of gonorrhea would carry the virus, no?

Thank you again
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