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Groin Lymph Node

I had unprotected vaginal sex 5 months ago with a sex worker. My skin has become very dry and somewhat itchy (some times) for last 1 week. I also discovered today a small (wheat size)  moveable hard thing under my right groin which hurts when I touch it. Could it be swollen node and are these all symptoms due to hiv?
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Teak is correct.

1. There are hundreds of lymphnodes in your groin. Most are wheat-sized when not swollen. The ones in your neck are larger. A swollem node is easy to feel, you do not have to ravage your body looking for it.

2. It is too late for the typical symptoms of HIV. ARS sets in within 2-3 weeks and lasts 3-weeks maximum.

3. Do not speculate; just get tested. If in Canada, you can do an INSTI test and have results in 60 seconds, Hong Kong AWARE Oral and have results in 20 minutes, US OraSure in 20 minutes.

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No they are not symptoms. You can test now and it will be conclusive.
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