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Guilt or should I rightfully be worried about HIV?

Friday night I stupidly paid a trans CSW. There was mutual oral unprotected and some anal teasing with his penis, I was receptive without condom.  Proceeded to attempt protected anal sex , but as it was my first time it was unsuccessful and painful. Didn’t feel like the penis made it in very far. Whole act before stopping was maybe 15 seconds, so no ejaculation. Condom seemed intact. Proceeded to finish mutual masturbation and that was that. I did however have an abrasion/bleeding from being stretched out. I am married with kids and Just feel shame about it and potentially putting my family at risk. The CSW claims negative status and gets tested regularly and last negative test was last month.  Though, The anxiety has gotten easier it still lingers in the back of my mind. Thank you for any response
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" anal teasing with his penis," Oral is not a risk and you can't get hiv if you used a condom. From what I understand of your post all anal penetration was protected, in which case you had zero risk
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Thanks. Which it’s something I know but just needed the reassurance
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