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Hi, i had sex with a prostitute and the condom ripped.I only noticed after about 5 mins coz i was drunk at the time.I experienced typical symtoms of infection such as sweating, fever,chills, swollen lymph nodes in the groin (painless), burning mouth, loss of weight rash and what appears to be thrush..I tested at 2weeks, 4weeks ,5weeks, 8 weeks, 10 weeks ,12 weeks and 15weeks.I have been reading some3 stuff off the net and nobody can agree on when exactly seroconversion    is finalised.I found that there was a guy who was infected with hep c and hiv 1 at the same time who tested out to 1 year some years ago.I come from a region with High hiv (Southern Africastupid me) and hiv 2.If I was infected with humman papiloma ,hiv 1 and hiv2 at the same time would this not warrant testing over a year.I am not sleeping and suffering badly from this act of gross stupidity.Secondly are the fast testing kits at moble centers reliable or I need to have a laboratory blood draw.
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Rapid testing kits yield a conclusive negative result as other tests do as long as they're performed 3 months post-exposure. You conclusively don't have HIV and need no retesting. Your symptoms are thus not due to HIV. I suggest you consult a doctor if they persist.

Next time stick to abstinence or wear your condom correctly or even better put lubrication on it to prevent tearing.
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You are conclusively HIV negative.
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